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Open Hearts, Open Doors
by Rifca Goldberg, Tzefas

Each woman asks in her own kind way. Although it is interesting to be approached by a variety of different people, Sefardic, Ashkenazi and Litvish, I still vacillate between feelings of gratitude and embarrassment.

A Jewish Housewife's Aerobics Program
by M. Steinberg

We present this program as a Pesach service - if you begin now and follow up studiously, in six months time you will not HAVE to do the window shades, bathroom tiles, doors, closet doors, cobwebs on high places, and all those things you are annually told do NOT constitute Pesach cleaning. Read on.

Created in Wisdom: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Mother and Child: A Jewish Perspective
by Marilyn Tokayer, Distributed by Feldheim
Reviewed by Judith Weil

A mother of what is becoming a large family recently described her experience with her first child. "I had been told that education begins at birth, and I didn't want to spoil her. So I didn't dare pick her up when she cried. It is such a shame. I had the time then, with no other children to care for. Now I know I should have held her and let her feel how much I loved her."

As Valuable as Some Milk
by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein, Jerusalem

Offering someone some milk to drink is a special kindness because milk is not only thirst quenching, it is also nutritious. Drinking even a small quantity of milk is filling, at least for a short while. And milk is tasty, refreshing and chock-full of vitamins and minerals.

Prevention and Treatment of Stammering
by A. Ross, M.Ed. in Education and Speech

Generally speaking, adults who have an established stammer can learn to control the problem with the right kind of help and guidance, but they rarely overcome it completely. Not so the young child. Children who stammer can be helped and many do recover normal fluent speech.

Chinese Kiss Cookies
by Yaffa Shepsel

A good cook can usually imagine how a new recipe will turn out just by glancing at the ingredients and their ratio to one another. Will the cake be spongy, crisp or very sweet? This recipe produces cookies far better than the sum of its parts. (Of course, you may not get that far because the batter itself is so good!) Stump the family with scrumptious, healthful mezonos cookies without flour or fats! Easy enough for children to make, too.

Poet's Corner
by Ruth Lewis

Coming home,
At night, alone,
On the bus from Bnei Brak,
I play a game.
It's always the same:
I close my eyes,
Pretend there's nothing there --
No bus, no wheels, no driver,
No upholstered chair.
I am carried through the air,
Held only by the Love
Of the One Above.
Over the miles I fly,
Lightly as a sigh.
I sense the alternating dark and light,
The turning left, the turning right.
Higher, lower,
Faster, slower.
I hear the rumbling
Of motor, wheels; the grumbling
Of the radio, but I feel
With eyes shut,
That none of these is really real.
That One Reality Alone is Real.
But then I get to thinking:
There is a bus, no?
A driver at the wheel?
The fare that I paid him is real.
I couldn't just have stood there on my feet
And flown from R' Akiva Street.
One hears of holy men who could,
But such are rare,
We don't compare.
For us, traveling without a bus,
Without a driver at the wheel,
Has all the appeal
Of trying to survive
Without a meal.
Thus, eyes closed, I reflect,
There in the night,
Till suddenly, the lights go bright.
I sigh, I blink.
I gather up my bags.
I think:
So much for games.

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