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The Moral Stakes in Serbia

A talmid chochom who does not follow current events closely asks us whenever he sees us -- which is several times a week -- what is going on. From our recent replies, one might even think that the world has become a stable place, as we have been able to reply with the same words for more than a month, "They are bombing the Serbs and having elections here in Israel."

The International Date Line in
By Rabbi B. Z. Rosenbaum

On the Sunday after Pesach (25 Nisan), Pinchos had a flight from Melbourne, Australia back to Los Angeles where he resides. As he made his way to the airport, the sun was already setting. After checking in his luggage he went to a corner and davened ma'ariv. For Sefiras HaOmer he counted 11 days.

The Christian Writings
by Joshua Josephson

According to recent reports, Bible-touting Christians are at it again. Certain evangelical and missionary groups have made it their express and primary agenda to ensnare as many of our unsuspecting brothers and sisters as they can -- armed with a lot of money but little intellectual rigor and very little truth.

Message in a Bottle
Rabbi Avi Shafran

When the oddly shaped package arrived in the mail, several of my colleagues at 84 William Street happened to be in my office. I took the cylindrical 20-inch mailing container in hand and looked at the return address.

Counting Days and Counting Years
by Rabbi Shmuel Globus

"You shall then count seven complete weeks after the day following the [Pesach] holiday when you brought the Omer as a wave offering, until the day after the seventh week, when there will be [a total of] 50 days." (Vayikro-Emor 23:15)

Teaching Torah to Older Sons
by HaRav Yehoshua Shklar

One's first impression is that a father is obligated to teach his son Torah when he is a child, but only until the age of bar mitzvah. The father has the mitzvah upon him of, "You shall teach [the words of Torah] to your sons" (Devorim 11:169), but after his son has become a bar mitzvah it would seem that this obligation is ended.

The `Cheshbon' and the `Nefesh'
by Yisroel Spiegel

In many places throughout the country one day last week, explosions were heard during the night, and when people rushed to their windows or went out to their terraces, they saw fireworks, and knew what it was all about.

Raptors in the Sky -- Ready for Geula?
To The Editor:

Further to the article "Satellites Monitor Predatory Bird Migration" (30 Nisan), it is interesting to note that the mass migration of raptors over Eretz Yisroel takes place during the Succos season. Species referred to in the Torah are the tachmas, netz, do'oh, ayoh, ayit, ro'oh, ozniyah, peres, rochom and nesher.

Are There Really Cheap Election Flights?
To The Editor:

On page 8 of the 30th of Nisan issue of your newspaper, there is an article regarding an "Airtrain" for UTJ voters in the upcoming elections.

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