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 Knesset Hearings on the Cost of Kashrus to Israel, Shemos 5777


Purity, Not a Degree - Answers about Academic Study in Israel , Mikeitz 5777


 Study in Academic Institutions in Israel, Noach 5777


Emergency Chinuch Meeting Over Efforts to Undermine the Curriculum, Kiseitzei 5776


Learning in Yeshiva will be Considered Equivalent to a College Degree, Devorim 5776


Treasury Minister: Mayors Do Not Want Chareidi Residents, Behaalosecho 5776


The Third Convention of Degel HaTorah, Tazria 5776


HaRav Shteinman shlita: Do Not Cooperate with the Ministry of Education, Pekudei 5776


Girls and Women Should Only Study in true Bais Yaakov Schools, Pekudei 5776


Shul Dedication in Shomer Hatzair Kibbutz, Ki Siso 5776


Special Atzeres to Pray for Help Against the Ministry of Education , Mishpotim 5776


Chareidi Educational War of Independence, Mikeitz 5776


Statement from Agudath Israel on the Supreme Court Ruling Regarding Same Sex Marriagev, Bolok 5775


Petition Against Building the Jerusalem SporTech, Shelach 5775


Women of the Wall, Acharei 5775


The Votes of Kiddush Hashem, Zav 5775


Israeli Election Campaign Moves into the Final Stretch, Vayakhel 5775


Israel Election News, Kisiso 5775


Every One Must Go Out and Work for United Torah Jewry, Tetzaveh 5775


Opinion: Erecting Our Communal Iron Dome, Terumo 5775


The War - Front and Back, Voero 5775


"And I Shall Separate You From the Nations For Me", Shemos 5775


Gathering of Bais Yaakov Educators, Vayigash 5775


Breaking the Walls of Our Towers, Miketz 5775


Outgoing Non- Religious Auditor Praises Chareidi Education, Vayeishev 5775


Resisting Government Interference in Chareidi Education, Toldos 5775


"In the past Three Years We Learned that the Public Pot of Gold is not by the Chareidim", Vayeiro 5775


The Message of HaRav Shteinman for 5775, Yom Kippur 5775


Injustice Addressed - Unoccupied Classrooms in Ramat Beit Shemesh Secular School Transferred to Chareidi Chinuch, Kisovo 5774


Substandard Conditions in Chareidi Schools in Mixed Neighborhoods, Kiseitzei 5774


Categorical Opposition to a Yeshiva Gedolah with a Secular Academic Curriculum, Reih 5774


The Knesset Discussion Regarding Fees for Performing Weddings, Masei 5774


MK Rabbi Yaakov Asher Introduces No Confidence Motion for UTJ, Shelach 5774


Most Farmers Will Not Receive Government Support During Shmittah, Shelach 5774


"The Damage to the Chareidi Public in Jerusalem Neighborhoods Has Crossed the Red Line", Bamidbar 5774


Knesset Proposals: Almost 30 Anti-Chareidi Laws, Bechukosai 5774


Yeshiva Students Will Not Participate in Mamach Centers, Tazria 5774


What and Where is the Burden? Isolated Settlements and Other Expenses, Zav 5774


Rabbi Moshe Abutbul Won Again in Beit Shemesh, Zav 5774


The Atzeres in Jerusalem: Tremendous Kiddush Hashem, Vayikra 5774


No Army Service! No Submission to Enticements! No Cooperation!, Pekudei 5774


Public Relations in Laymen Terms, Vayakhel 5774


European Curbs on Bris Milah of Concern to American Agudah, Tetzaveh 5774


Urgent Meeting of Yemenite Roshei Yeshiva and Rabbonim, Parshas Beshalach 5774


Reelections in Beit Shemesh, Bo 5774


Special Prayers on Erev Rosh Chodesh, Bo 5774


"We Will not Allow them to Draft Even One Yeshiva Student", Parshas Voera 5774


Decisions of the Assembly, Shemos 5774


Meeting of One Hundred Roshei Yeshiva, Shemos 5774


Joint Announcement of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of Degel HaTorah and of Agudath Israel, Shemos 5774


The Purpose of the Government is to Secularize the Chareidim, Vayechi 5774


Rundown of Week's Anti-Religious Laws, Vayigash 5774


Police Minister: "There was No Spitting in Beit Shemesh", Mikeitz 5774


Chizuk on Chanukah in Yeshivos, Mikeitz 5774


Agudah Convention Keynote Session Focuses on Assault on Chareidi Community in Eretz Yisroel, Vayeishev 5774


Stop Desecration of the Old City, Vayeishev 5774


Rundown of Week's Anti-Religious Laws, Vayishlach 5774


Rundown of Week's Anti-Religious Laws, Vayeitzei 5774


Infamous Law in Israel: Independent Marriage Registration, Toldos 5774


They Want to Uproot Torah Completely, Yom Kippur 5774


New Area Under Robinson's Arch to Permit All Ceremonies, Parshas Nitzovim 5773


A Talmud Torah in Netanyah is Considering Joining the State Chareidi Network , Parshas Kisovo 5773


The Ministry Education is Trying to Take Over Chareidi Education, Parshas Kiseitzei 5773


Beitar Illit and Charish Dropped from National Preferential Areas, Parshas Shofetim 5773


"The Government Just Wants to Persecute Religion and Torah Scholars", Parshas Eikev 5773


HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky: "The Torah World in Eretz Yisroel Continues to Strengthen", Parshas Eikev 5773


A Kiddush Hashem in the Dignified Outcry at the Kosel on Rosh Chodesh, Parshas Devorim 5773


World Jewry Shaken by the Bill to Imprison Torah Students, Parshas Devorim 5773


The Main Criminal and Economic Sanctions on Yeshiva Students, Parshas Devorim 5773


Knesset Extends Daylight Savings Time - Netz at 7 a.m. , Parshas Mattos 5773


Why There is No Place for Torah Scholars in the Israeli Melting Pot ", Parshas Pinchos 5773


"An Unbearably Difficult Battle", Parshas Balak 5773


Conclusions of the Kennes of Rabbonim, Parshas Balak 5773


State of Emergency Felt in All Yeshivos, Parshas Korach 5773


Unbridled Animosity, Parshas Bamidbar 5773


Finance Minister Lapid Announces Budget Including a Series of Cuts Aimed at the Chareidi Community, Parshas Emor 5773


Chinuch Message from the Rosh Yeshiva HaRav Shteinman Shlita, Parshas Emor 5773


"The Present Government is Built on Hatred Towards Everything and on Tyrannizing Chareidim" , Parshas Emor 5773


Letter from HaRav Shteinman and HaRav Kanievsky To the Conference of European Rabbis gathered in Belgrade, Serbia, Parshas Emor 5773


Chareidi Educational Institutions will not be Funded Unless They teach the Core Curriculum, Parshas Acharei 5773


"I Will Not Budge an Inch from the Prevailing Tradition", Parshas Acharei 5773


The Agudath Israel Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah Grapples With Interference with Chareidi Chinuch, Parshas Acharei 5773


The Defense Against Persecution of Torah and its Scholars, Parshas Shemini 5773


Strong Protests against the Anti-Religious Government by Chareidi MKs , Parshas Zav 5773


"The Worst Government Ever is Being Set Up", Parshas Vayikra 5773


A Letter from Maran HaRav Shteinman Shlita , Parshas Tetzaveh 5773


The Hypocrisy of the Secular Media, Parshas Tetzaveh 5773


Study: Chareidi Politicians are Not Extortionists , Parshas Terumoh 5773


Email Without Internet , Parshas Yisro 5773


Israeli Elections 5773 - Observations and Lessons , Parshas Beshalach 5773


"Each Jew has the Rare Chance to Demonstrate Kiddush Hashem Through the Elections" , Parshas Bo 5773


Disallow Kadima Campaign for Incitement Against Avreichim , Parshas Vayechi 5773


Netanyahu Objects to Declarations for a Government Without Chareidim , Parshas Vayigash 5773


Rabbonim Reject Government Attempts to Tempt Yeshiva Students , Parshas Mikeitz 5773


Moetze s Gedolei HaTorah Meets on Urgent Issues and to Select Knesset Candidate , Parshas Vayeishev 5773


Rema rks of HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman at the Meeting of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah , Parshas Vayeishev 5773


"Illegal and Irregular Procedure to Prevent Kindergarten Construction in Kiryat Yovel", Parshas Vayeiro 5773


The Reform Report of the 18th Knesset Activity , Parshas Lechlecha 5773


"Pure Chinuch Bederech Yisroel Sabba is Fundamental and Must Remain Free of Outside Intervention" , Parshas Noach 5773


MKs Rabbi Gafni and Rabbi Maklev visit HaRav Shteinman for Instructions about Elections , Parshas Bereishis 5773


Ministry of Education Refuses to Approve Additional Places in Special Education for Chareidim , Parshas Eikev 5772


Kadima to Introduce Biometric Monitoring in Yeshivos and Kollelim , Parshas Mattos 5772


A Letter from Maran the Rosh Yeshiva, HaRav A. Y. L. Shteinman shlita , Parshas Bolok 5772


On Fanaticism and Extremism, "Chareidi Pioneers" and "New Chareidim" , Parshas Nosso 5772


Knesset Approves Two Bills Broadening Civil Marriage Registration ("the Tzohar Bill") , Parshas Bamidbar 5772


Tens of Thousands of American Torah-True Jewry Took a Stand Against the Damage of the Internet , Parshas Bamidbar 5772


Community Centers Throughout the U.S. Will Be Established to Counteract the Threat of Internet and Technological Ills , Parshas Bamidbar 5772


Holy Letter from HaRav Chaim Kanievsky shlita , Parshas Bamidbar 5772


Rabbi Moshe Gafni: Whoever Learns Torah Should Keep Learning! , Parshas Bechukosai 5772


"The Government Opposes Brutal Attacks Against the Chareidi Public", Parshas Behar 5772


An Outcry Rally: Protest and Mass Mobilization in Support of the Rabbonim of Hadera, Parshas Acharei Mos-Kedoshim 5772


The Court Dismissed the Provocative Petitions Against the Plan for Charish, Parshas Acharei Mos-Kedoshim 5772


No Discussion about Splitting Beit Shemesh, Parshas Tazria- Metzora 5772


UTJ to Coalition Chairman: Block Tzohar Legislation, Parshas Vayikra 5772


Amendment to Women's Draft Law Passes — Gafni Lambastes Likud, Parshas Vayakhel/Pekudei 5772


Chareidi World Braces for Battle Over Yeshiva Study, Parshas Tetzaveh 5772


The Remarks of HaRav Shteinman at the Emergency Meeting, Parshas Tetzaveh 5772


Haifa Students Suspended Over Tefillin Booth in Their School, Parshas Tetzaveh 5772


Demand to Remove Statues in Rosh Ha'ayin, Parshas Tetzaveh 5772


High Court Annuls Draft Deferment Law for Yeshivas Students, Parshas Terumah 5772


Tel Aviv City Council Backs Move to Run Public Transportation on Shabbos, Parshas Terumah 5772


Threat to Law Granting IDF Exemption to Girls Who Affirm They Are Religious, Parshas Yisro 5772


IDF Hires PR Firm to Persuade Chareidim to Enlist, Parshas Yisro 5772


ILA Approves Housing Criteria That Favors IDF Veterans, Parshas Beshalach 5772


UTJ Councilman in Haifa: `We Won't Allow Shuls to Be Cleared Out', Parshas Beshalach 5772


Anti- Chareidi Incitement Did Not Impact Outreach, Parshas Bo 5772


Minister of Housing Reduces Housing Benefits to Chareidi Community, Parshas Bo 5772


Beis Yaakov Seminaries Delay 5773 Enrollment Following Education Ministry Meddling, Parshas Bo 5772


Beit Shemesh Police Fail to Respond to Complaint Filed Against Ha'aretz Photographer, Parshas Shemos 5772


Unprecedented Anti- Chareidi Violence Unleashed in Flare- Ups Around the Country, Parshas Vayechi 5772


Rabbinical Committee for Transportation Matters, Parshas Vayechi 5772


Dozens of Local Rabbis at Emergency Meeting Over Marriage Registration Breach, Parshas Vayechi 5772


Seminary Union Guidelines Binding on All Bais Yaakov Seminaries, Parshas Vayechi 5772


Gafni Offers Explanations of Anti-chareidi Incitement, Parshas Vayigash 5772


Chinuch Conference to Focus on Banned Weeklies, Parshas Vayigash 5772


Rabid Anti- Chareidi Campaign Continues Unabated, Parshas Vayigash 5772


Ripples from Nationwide Incitement Reach Bnei Brak, Parshas Vayigash 5772


Letter From HaRav Eliashiv Shlita, Parshas Vayigash 5772


Bais Yaakov Seminar Principals Stand Firm on Acceptance Procedures, Parshas Mikeitz 5772


UTJ Rejects Criticism of Mehadrin Bus Lines, Parshas Mikeitz 5772


Protest in Jerusalem Following Plans to Transfer Rashbi Site to Tourism Ministry, Parshas Mikeitz 5772


`New Chareidim' and `Post Chareidim', Parshas Vayishlach 5772


Reports from the American Aguda Convention Held over the weekend November 24-27, Parshas Vayishlach 5772


 Hypocritical Attitude to Chareidi Community, Parshas Vayeitzei 5772


Efraim Halevy: 'Charedization a Greater Threat to Israel than Iranian Nukes', Parshas Vayeiro 5772


MK Rabbi Eichler: Beit Shemesh Residents Cannot Deprive Chareidim of Housing Rights, Parshas Lech Lecha 5772


High Court Judges Wonder Over Attempt to Compel Yeshivos Ketanos to Study Core Curriculum, Yom Kippur/Succos 5772


MK Eichler: Anti- Chareidi Incitement Led to Synagogue Arson Attack in Jerusalem, Parshas Nitzovim-Vayeilech 5771


Exempt Schools Not Budging on Education Ministry Inspections, Parshas Ki Seitze 5771


Chareidim Wary of Tent Protests, Parshas Rei 5771


U.S. Leftist Funded Large Demonstration on Motzei Shabbos, Parshas Voeschanan 5771


 Seminary Placements will Not by Conducted by Municipal Committees, Parshas Voeschanan 5771


San Francisco Court Cancels Bris Referendum, Parshas DEvorim 5771


Efforts to End Unreasonable Checking of Torah World and Yeshivas, Parshas Massei 5771


 Representatives of Seminaries Meet with MKs, Parshas Balak 5771


UTJ Jerusalem Councilmen Call for Elections in Ramot, Parshas Korach 5771


Tourist Minister's Casino Initiative Rejected, Parshas Shelach 5771


Decrease in Army `Conversions', Parshas Nosso 5771


San Francisco to Hold a Referendum on Proposed Bris Milah Ban, Parshas Bamidbar 5771


UTJ Opposes Universal Education, Parshas Bamidbar 5771


Jerusalem Municipality Pulls Out of Church Events, Parshas Behar 5771


Letter About Mishpachah #1, Parshas Emor 5771


Letter About Mishpachah #2, Parshas Emor 5771


Chareidi Affirmative Action Proposal Rejected, Parshas Tazria 5771


False Kashrus Certificates Removed from Food Festival Booths in Old City, Parshas Tazria 5771


Widespread Destruction at Cemeteries Throughout Eretz Yisroel, Parshas Tzav 5771


The Knesset Discussed the Issue of Bans on Chareidim, Parshas Vayikra 5771


UTJ Demands PM Meet Chareidi Needs, Parshas Vayikra 5771


Petition Filed Against Rosh Ha'ayin Mayor and Officials Over Canceled Mikveh, Parshas Vayikra 5771


Mass Bittul Torah in an Unannounced Inspection of Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Parshas Pekudei 5771


Vaadas HaRabbonim Reiterates Need to Avoid Government Intervention in Educational Affairs, Parshas Pekudei 5771


Coalition Members Back Anti- Chareidi Education Legislation, Parshas Vayakhel 5771


Stiff Opposition to New Directives on Yeshiva Inspections, Parshas Tetzaveh 5771


Rosh Ha'ayin: City Hall Nixes Mikveh Construction Plan, Parshas Tetzaveh 5771


Education Ministry Introduces Stiff New Rules — Only for Chareidi Sector, Parshas Terumah 5771


MK Gafni: 'Chareidi Citizens Prevented from Living in Various Communities', Parshas Shemos 5771


Backgrounder: IDF Conversion Law, Parshas Vayechi 5771


Study Reveals Most Govt. and IDF Conversions are Fake, Parshas Vayigash 5771


Livni and Rivlin Denounce Threats Against Chareidi MKs, Parshas Vayeishev 5771


Rabbonim Urge Public to Block 'Chareidi News Lines', Parshas Vayeishev 5771


Harsh Censure of Finance Ministry Adviser's Remarks Against the Chareidi Birth Rate, Parshas Vayeitzei 5771


Degel HaTorah MKs Report to HaRav Eliashiv on Meeting with PM, Parshas Chayei Soroh 5771


UTJ Meets with PM over Housing, Education and Guaranteed Income, Parshas Chayei Soroh 5771


Resolute, United Stand against Attempt to Alter Talmud Torah Curriculum, Parshas Vayeiro 5771


Notice Warns Against MP4s and Internet Devices, Parshas Vayeiro 5771


Minister Dan Meridor Lashes Out Against Chareidi Sector, Parshas Lech Lecha 5771


1,700 Primary School Students Start the School Year Out on the Street, Parshas Nitzovim/Vayeilech 5770


Ramot Becomes Battleground in War Against Torah Education, Parshas Ki Seitzei 5770


Ramot Girls' School to Use 10 Classrooms in Government Religious School, Parshas Eikev 5770


UTJ Opposes Standardized Testing Proposal, Parshas Voeschanan 5770


Kehillos in Southern Israel to Gather to Hear Internet Warnings from Rabbonim, Parshas Mattos/Massei 5770


Talmud Torah Principals Discuss New Budget Procedures, Parshas Bolok 5770


Kiddush Shem Shomayim Accompanying the Prisoners of Emanuel to Jail, Parshas Chukas 5770


High Court Sends Parents to Jail for Heeding Their Rabbonim, Parshas Chukas 5770


Jaffa Grave Desecration Continues, Parshas Chukas 5770


UTJ Faction in Jerusalem City Council Boycotts Tour of Kiryat Yovel, Parshas Korach 5770


Determination Expressed by Chinuch Atzmai Leaders, Parshas Shelach 5770


MK Rabbi Gafni: 'High Court Blatantly Targeting the Chareidi Education System', Parshas Behaalosecho 5770


MK Rabbi Gafni: 'We're Not About to Change Our Way of Life', Parshas Behar/Bechukosai 5770


High Court Tries to Force Parents to Send Daughters to Beis Yaakov School in Emanuel, Parshas Emor 5770


HaRav Eliashiv on the Bais Yaakov school in Emanuel: "High Court Decision Reflects Judges' Personal Worldview", Parshas Achrei Mos/Kedoshim 5770


UTJ Rejects Charges of Discrimination in Chareidi Schools, Parshas Ki Siso 5770


A Dangerous Breach: On the Difference Between the Knesset and Zionist Organizations, Parshas Beshalach 5770


The Ideological Case Against Joining the Zionist Movement, Parshas Beshalach 5770


Bill to Keep High Court from Interfering in Kashrus, Parshas Voero 5770


High Court Partially Rejects Appeal Against Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel Building Tenders, Parshas Shemos 5770


Kiryat Malachi Develops Novel Concept to Keep Chareidi Apartment Buyers Away, Parshas Mikeitz 5770


Gedolei Issue Ban Against "Chareidi" Websites, Parshas Mikeitz 5770


Daas Torah and Warning Against the Danger of "Chareidi" Internet, Parshas Mikeitz 5770


Maran HaRav Eliashiv Warns Against Taking Brain Dead Patients Off Respirator, Parshas Vayeishev 5770


Kfar Vradim Council Head Appoints Synagogue Supervisor to Thwart Outreach Activities, Parshas Vayishlach 5770


Knesset Debate Over Rabbonim Who Do Not Recognize False Conversions, Parshas Vayeitzei 5770


Torah World Protests New Initiative to Legitimize "Brain Death", Parshas Haazinu 5770


Transportation Funding for Sderot Students Resumed, Rosh Hashana 5770


Sderot Cuts Off Transport Funding for Chareidi Students, Parshas Nitzovim/Vayeilech 5769


Chareidi School Enrollment Rose More than 50 Percent in Past Decade, Parshas Ki Sovo 5769


New Egged Bus Routes in Jerusalem Do Not Benefit Chareidi Passengers, Parshas Ki Seitzei 5769


Hebrew University Barred from Selling Kiryat Yovel Buildings, Parshas Shoftim 5769


Hebrew U. Cancelled Tender for Two Buildings in Kiryat Yovel After Chareidi Group was Poised to Win, Parshas Voeschanan 5769


Knesset Legislating Committee Passes Civil Marriage Bill for Non-Jewish Couples, Parshas Devorim 5769


Rabbi Gafni Calls for Review of All of De Hartoch's Rulings on Chinuch Atzmai, Parshas Pinchas 5769


Ohr Yehuda Tries to Shut Down Nesivos Moshe School, Parshas Bolok 5767


At Nationwide Conference Hatzoloh Volunteers Urged to Stand Firm, Parshas Shelach 5769


High Court Rejects Reform Petition to Freeze Special Bus Lines, Parshas Bamidbar 5769


MK Maklev: Mikveh Vandals in Ramat Beit Hakerem Should Be Fully Prosecuted, Parshas Emor 5769


Iggud Mosdos Pettur Set Up to Safeguard Talmud Torah Interests, Parshas Zav 5769


Hundreds Use Kosher Transportation Initiative Connecting Jerusalem Neighborhoods to Kosel, Parshas Vayikra 5769


Betzedek Joins Mehadrin Bus Lines High Court Petition, Parshas Ki Siso 5769


Lieberman Meets With UTJ, Shas and HaIchud HaLeumi, Parshas Tezaveh 5769


With Elections Approaching Big Parties Voicing Anti-religious Stances, Parshas Vayigash 5769


3.5 Years Behind Bars for Desecrating Sifrei Kodesh and Torching Sukkah, Parshas Vayeitzei 5769


Chareidi MKs Unable to Defeat Property Distribution Bill, Parshas Lech Lecha 5769


Jerusalem's Mehadrin Bus Lines Threatened by Light Rail System, Parshas Nitzovim 5768


Secular Rioters Continue Vandalizing Eruvin Throughout Jerusalem, Parshas Shofetim 5768


Public Protests Landscaping Work Along Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway, Parshas EKev 5768


Tel Aviv Authorities Fail to Enforce Tisha B'Av Law, Parshas Voeschanon 5768


Committee Working to Protect Public from In-Flight Movies Sends Delegation to HaRav Kanievsky, Parshas Devorim 5768


British High Court: Secular Court Cannot Rule on Halachic Matters, Parshas Bolok 5767


"When the Scent of Elections Is in the Air, the Competition Begins to See Who Can Strike Hardest at Judaism, Halacha and Its Flag- Bearers", Parshas Chukas 5767


Attempt to Amend Chometz Law Before Pesach, Parshas Metzoro 5768


Volunteers Left Eilat MDA Station After Pork Was Served, Parshas Tazria 5768


Brain-Death Law Passed, Parshas Shemini 5768


Prohibited Landscaping Carried Out at Municipal Sites, Parsha Vayakhel 5768


Education Ministry Allows Students at Government Schools to Pray, Parsha Mishpotim 5768


Education Ministry Imposes New Questionnaires on Talmid Torah Principals in Bid to Curtail Pedagogical Independence, Parsha Yisro 5768


Education Ministry Fined for Deliberately Covering Up the Success of a Chareidi Educational Project, Parsha Voeiro 5768


Bill to Provide Attorney to Family of Deceased Before Performing Autopsy, Parsha Shemos 5768


Special Arrangement to Allow Approved Email and Internet Access, Parsha Vayechi 5768


A Call From The Rabbonim Of Har Nof For Fitting Transportation, Parsha Vayigash 5768


Haifa Municipality Refuses to Allocate Abandoned School Building to Netivot Moshe, Parsha Vayigash 5768


Efforts to Persuade Bus Companies to Provide Mehadrin Service, Parsha Mikeitz 5768


MK Gafni: "This is an Anti- Religious Government in the Full Sense of the Word", Parsha Vayishlach 5768


Religious Affairs Authority Introduces Measures Intended to Undermine Local Rabbonim and Religious Services, Parsha Vayeitzei 5768


Bill to Make Loyalty Oath Condition for Citizenship, Parsha Toldos 5768


Agriculture Minister to Renew Vegetable Imports for Shomrei Shevi'is, Parsha Toldos 5768


Atty. De Hartoch to Be Tried for Attacking Public Servant, Parsha Lech Lecho 5768


19 New Dayanim Chosen, Succos 5768


De Hartoch Transferred from His Post, Parshas Ki Sovo 5767


No-Confidence Motion Over De Hartoch Affair, Parshas Devorim 5767


Atty. De Hartoch Slaps MK Rabbi Yaakov Cohen of UTJ, Parshas Mattos- Massei 5767


Statistical Study Shatters Libel Of Drawn Out Proceedings At Rabbinical Courts, Parshas Pinchos 5767


Policemen Beating Passersby and Damaging Homes in Meah Shearim and Beit Yisrael, Parshas Chukas 5767


Chareidi Jewry Protests Abominable Event Scheduled to Take Place in Jerusalem, Parshas Chukas 5767


Netanyahu: "We Won't Restore Children's Allowances", Parshas Korach 5767


Harsh Criticism Lodged Against Jerusalem Religious Council, Parshas Korach 5767


High Court Postpones Decision on Future of Matityahu East, Parshas Shelach 5767


MK Gafni Tables Three Proposals on First Day of Summer Session, Parshas Behar 5767


Knesset Addresses Complaint by Students Banned from Praying at Ohel Shem High School, Parshas Ki Siso 5767


Reformation Plan for Religious Services Within 6 Months, Parshas Tetzaveh 5767


Non-Kosher Food Arranged for High School "Roots" Journey to Poland, Parshas Beshalach 5767


Russian Non-Jews to Receive 10- Year "Tourist" Visas, Parshas Shemos 5767


Court Backs Jerusalem Mayor's Decision to Set Up Chareidi Kindergartens in Ramat Eshkol, Parshas Vayechi 5767


Petition to Require that Dayanim Have Legal Training, Parshas Vayigash 5767


Humanistic Organization Tries to Appoint "Secular Rabbis", Parshas Vayigash 5767


Rabbi Ravitz Tables Proposal to Keep High Court from Annulling Laws Passed in Knesset, Parshas Vayigash 5767


Mayor Lupoliansky Says Government Should Fund Neighborhoods Based on Number of Residents, Not Families, Parshas Vayigash 5767


Bringing Bais Yaakov Teachers' Studies Under Rabbinical Control, Parshas Vayishlach 5767


Jerusalem Mayor Proposes Law to Authorize City Council to Ban Offensive Events, Parshas Vayeitzei 5767


A Phony Media Scoop: Do More Chareidim Suffer from Diabetes?, Parshas Vayeitzei 5767


Maran HaRav Eliashiv Warns Against Any Shechitoh Changes, Parshas Chayei Soroh 5767


Betzedek Reverses Education Ministry Threat to Close Yeshiva Ketanoh in North, Parshas Chayei Soroh 5767


Great Protest, Parshas Vayeiro 5767


Chinuch Atzmai Kindergartens Denied Extended Day Program, Parshas Vayeiro 5767


MKs Urge Jerusalem Police to Cancel Abominable Event, Parshas Lech Lecho 5767


Education Ministry Funding for Privileged Organizations, Parshas Lech Lecho 5767


MK Rabbi Gafni: The Jewish People has an Eternal Constitution, Parshas Noach 5767


Seminaries to Keep Two-Year Study Program, Parshas Ki Sovo 5766


Secular Minority Tries to Keep Chareidi Kindergarten from Opening in Ramot Alef, Parshas Ki Seitzei 5766


Maranan Verabonon Warn Against Government Attempt to Force Third Year at Women's Seminaries, Parshas Voeschanan 5766


Police Weigh Banning Offensive International Event Scheduled to Take Place in Jerusalem, Parshas Pinchos 5766


Public Outrage Following Organ- Removal Operation at Shaarei Tzedek, Parshas Chukas 5766


Study Reveals Anti- Religious Coercion Since Founding of State, Parshas Chukas 5766


MK Gafni Cautions Against Granting Citizenship to Children of Foreign Workers, Parshas Chukas 5766


MK Gafni: Only a Change in Values Can Save the Mainstream Education System, Parshas Chukas 5766


Arsonists Attack French Hill Shul, Parshas Chukas 5766


NYC Transit Permits Subway Workers to Wear Yarmulkes During the Summer, Parshas Chukas 5766


Communicating the Sanctity of Life According to the Torah, Parshas Chukas 5766


Police Demand Autopsy for Infant in Ashdod; Community Protests, Parshas Nosso 5766


Labor Court Forces Teachers to Administer PISA Exams, Parshas Emor 5766


Decisions Announced at Emergency Conference, Parshas Vayikra 5766


Bais Yaakov — From a Tender Seedling to a Fruitful Tree, Parshas Vayakhel/Pekudei 5766


Deft Political Maneuver by Rabbi Gafni Scores Gain for Dayonim, Parshas Ki Siso 5766


Deft Political Maneuver by Rabbi Gafni Scores Gain for Dayonim, Parshas Ki Siso 5766


Civil Marriage Law Narrowly Defeated in Knesset, Parshas Tetzaveh 5766


High Court Forces Housing Ministry to Sell Lots in Ramat Beit Shemesh to Chareidim, Parshas Yisro 5766


Police Complaint Filed Against Cremation Company, Parshas Beshalach 5766


Deputy Minister Rabbi Ravitz Surveys Prisoner Rehabilitation Program, Parshas Beshalach 5766


Court Tries to Prevent Jerusalem's Ramat Eshkol from Turning Chareidi, Parshas Bo 5766


Shinui — A Destructive Flash in the Pan, Parshas Shemos 5766


MK Rabbi Gafni: Movement for Quality Government Battles Against Lomdei Torah, Parshas Vayechi 5766


Report by Council for Child Welfare Continues to Make Waves, Parshas Vayigash 5766


Sharon Promises Security Considerations Alone Will Guide School Guard Arrangements, Parshas Vayishlach 5766


Rabbi Gafni Calls for Dayonim to be Appointed, Parshas Vayeitzei 5766


Jerusalem Kashrus Sacrificed to Sharon's Political Plans, Parshas Toldos 5766


Parents Object to Meitzav Exam, Parshas Toldos 5766


Betzedek Defeats Retroactive Change in Accounting System, Parshas Vayeiro 5766


Religious Soldier Forced to Trample on Tallis, Succos Issue 5766


Betzedek Petitions to Allow Demonstrations Outside of Missionaries' Homes, Parshas Ki Sovo 5765


Yeshivas Required to Pay Property Taxes on Dorms and Offices, Parshas Ki Sovo 5765


The Man With the Gun in Hand, Parshas Ki Seitzei 5765


City of Beit Shemesh Discriminates Against Bais Yaakov Kindergartens, Parshas Rei 5765


Attorney General to Decide How Many Hours Avreichim Must Study, Parshas Rei 5765


Police Captured on Film Encouraging Private Security Guards to Beat Avreichim, Parshas Devorim 5765


Demonstration Against Sale of Non- Kosher Meat in Haifa, Parshas Pinchos 5765


Court Forces Jerusalem Mayor to Assist and Fund Abominable Event Held in the City, Parshas Korach 5765


Beit Shemesh Legal Advisor Tries to Undermine Modesty Campaign, Parshas Nosso 5765


Gafni Protests Interference in Appointment of Dayanim, Parshas Nosso 5765


Department of Religious Services to be Set Up in Prime Minister's Office, Parshas Nosso 5765


MKs Protest Use of Electric Shocker Against Grave Desecration Protesters, Parshas Bechukosai 5765


Sharon Instructs Pines to Enforce Chometz Law, Parshas Shemini 5765


Knesset Approves Euthanasia Legislation, Parshas Zav 5765


MK Rabbi Ravitz: Increase in Youth Crime is the Result of Failed Education, Parshas Zav 5765


New "Kosher" Cell Phones Free of Content Services, Parshas Vayikro 5765


Kosher Cell Phones, Parshas Vayikro 5765


Final Approval for Daylight Savings Time Law, Parshas Pekudei 5765


Conservative Women Hold Another Provocation Gathering at Kosel, Parshas Tetzaveh 5765


Rabbi Gafni: Secular Youth Growing Up Without Values, Parshas Tetzaveh 5765


Observations: Persecution in the Name of Science — Intelligent Design and Unreasoning Prejudice, Parshas Tetzaveh 5765


MK Gafni: NRP Resigned from the Coalition Due to the Disengagement Plan, Not Collapse of Religious Services, Parshas Terumoh 5765


Government Unanimously Approves Plan to Advance Religious Services, Parshas Terumoh 5765


Rabbi Ravitz: The Coalition Agreement is Being Ignored, Parshas Mishpotim 5765


Religious Council Fires Rabbinical Head of Jerusalem Kashrus Department, Parshas Yisro 5765


Chareidi Education System will Not be Required to Employ Teachers With Academic Degrees, Parshas Yisro 5765


Degel HaTorah Councilmen Call for Battle Against Beit Shemesh Mayor, Parshas Beshalach 5765


Restraining Order Prohibits Distribution of Products Bearing False Kashrus Mehadrin Label, Parshas Beshalach 5765


Arise Yerushalayim, the Holy City, Parshas Beshalach 5765


Betzedek Files Appeal Regarding Allotment Committees at Local Authorities, Parshas Beshalach 5765


Degel HaTorah to Join Government for Three-Month Trial Period, Parshas Bo 5765


Excerpts from the Official Coalition Agreement, Parshas Bo 5765


ho is Responsible for Disengagement, and Who is Responsible for Torah?, Parshas Bo 5765


Christmas Tree at College Campus "Failure of Secular Education" Says Rabbi Gafni, Parshas Voero 5765


Shinui Continues Scheming Against Observant Public, Parshas Shemos 5765


Politica - Shinui vs. Labor, Parshas Shemos 5765


MK Rabbi Ravitz Calls on MK Pines Not to Interfere With Beis Din, Parshas Vayechi 5765


Shechita Supported against Unjust PETA Intimidation, Parshas Vayechi 5765


Team Funds Outrage Settled; 16 Percent Increase in Yeshiva Funding for November- December, Parshas Vayishlach 5765


Court Allows Shuvu to Continue Renovations in Downtown Jerusalem, Parshas Vayetze 5765


Principals Reject Education Ministry Efforts to Apply Salary Ranking System to Teachers at Chareidi Institutions, Parshas Toldos 5765


Emergency Meeting for Talmud Torah Principals at the Home of HaRav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz, Parshas Chaye Soro 5765


MK Rabbi Ravitz Condemns Education Ministry Directive Not to Recognize Torah Study in Determining Teacher Salary Levels, Parshas Chaye Soro 5765


Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah Calls on Principals Not to Alter Curricular Arrangements in Any Way, Parshas Lech Lecho 5765


Rabbinical Committee Set Up to Fight Cell-Phone Pitfalls: Bans Advertising, Parshas Lech Lecho 5765


Instead of Cleaning Out the Stables, Shinui Set Up a Stable of Its Own, Parshas Nitzovim-Vayeilech 5764


National Degel HaTorah Secretariat Meets in Bnei Brak, Parshas Eikev 5764


UTJ and Likud Representatives Meet Again, Parshas Eikev 5764


Pisgat Ze'ev Residents Vandalize School to Prevent Religious Children from Sharing Building, Parshas Eikev 5764


Sharon Supports Civil Marriage Proposal, Parshas Vo'eschanan 5764


Spontaneous Protests Prevent Encroachment on Holiness of Kosel Maarovi, Parshas Vo'eschanan 5764


Mofaz: "Government Lacks Jewish Values", Parshas Vo'eschanan 5764


City of Bnei Brak Requests Yellow Pages Not Be Distributed, Parshas Vo'eschanan 5764


Education Ministry Sets Tighter Criteria for Funding of Chareidi Educational Institutions Than Justice Ministry, Parshas Devorim 5764


Appointing Secular Jews to Head Chevra Kadishas, Parshas Devorim 5764


New Amendment Requires Bathing Facilities to Provide Separate Hours, Parshas Mattos- Masei 5764


City of Beit Shemesh to Dismiss 3 of Its 4 Chareidi Employees, Parshas Pinchos 5764


Education Minister Says Chareidi Kindergartners of Lesser Importance, Parshas Pinchos 5764


Chareidi Politics is Just Politics by Chareidim, Parshas Pinchos 5764


Hashkofo Highlights from HaRav Chaim Shaul Karelitz, zt'l, Parshas Pinchos 5764


Heated Exchange Between Ministers Shalom and Lapid, Parshas Bolok 5764


How Many Hours are Required at Kollelim?, Parshas Bolok 5764


NRP Thwarts Bill for Religious Council Workers, Parshas Bolok 5764


Who Knows the Difference Between a Siddur and a Machzor?, Parshas Bolok 5764


Gedolei Yisroel Warn Against Birthright Trips to Israel, Parshas Bolok 5764


Gedolei Yisroel Say Educational Institutions Must Remain Free of Outside Influence and Control, Parshas Chukas 5764


Beyond All Limits, Parshas Chukas 5764


Calls to Enforce Modesty Guidelines on Mehadrin Bus Lines to and from Rechasim, Parshas Chukas 5764


High Court Allows Sale of Pork in Israel, Parshas Korach 5764


MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni Challenges Firing of Population Administration Head, Parshas Korach 5764


High Court Postpones Decision on Recognizing Reform and Conservative Conversion, Parshas Shelach 5764


Shock Over Former Chief Rabbi Bakshi-Doron's Call to Cancel Marriage and Divorce Law, Parshas Shelach 5764


Chinuch Atzmai, Parshas Beha'aloscha 5764


Dovrat Report Will Not Affect Chareidi Sector, Parshas Bamidbar 5764


MK Rabbi Ravitz: "The Chareidi Education System is in Danger But We Will Not Bend", Parshas Bamidbar 5764


Talmudei Torah Fight Attempts to Interfere with Chinuch Policies, Parshas Behar/Bechukosai 5764


Following Meeting with PM Rabbi Moshe Gafni Says Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Parshas Behar/Bechukosai 5764


Arguing with Chareidi Educational Success, Parshas Behar/Bechukosai 5764


Rabbonim and Public Figures Warn Against Tzav Pius, Parshas Emor 5764


Rabbonim and Public Figures Warn Against Tzav Pius, Parshas Achrei Mos/Kedoshim 5764


Yeshiva Managers' Union Demands Welfare Ministry Transfers Dorm Funding, Parshas Achrei Mos/Kedoshim 5764


Get the Cheats but Don't Tread on Us, Parshas Tazria/Metzora 5764


Storeowner Accused of Killing Rav Yehuda Samet Acquitted, Parshas Tazria/Metzora 5764


Talmidei Yeshivos and Avreichei Kollelim Must Carry ID, Parshas Tazria/Metzora 5764


Jerusalem Disconnected from National Water Carrier During Pesach, Parshas Tazria/Metzora 5764


Petach Tikva's Battle to Maintain Status Quo, Parshas Tzav/Pesach 5764


MK Rabbi Gafni Demands Enforcement of Law Prohibiting Sale of Chometz in Public During Pesach, Parshas Vayikra 5764


Judge Barak: "Religious Parties are a Minority that Acts Like a Majority", Parshas Vayikra 5764


Families of Religious Council Workers on Brink of Hunger, Parshas Vayikra 5764


Yad Vashem Cancelled Prize to Tumarkin Following Yated Ne'eman Expose, Parshas Vayikra 5764


Infrastructure Minister Orders Mekorot to Keep Kinneret Water Flowing During Pesach, Parshas Vayakhel- Pekudei 5764


American Agudah Calls on Massachusetts to Preserve Integrity of Marriage, Parshas Vayakhel- Pekudei 5764


When to Keep Silent, Parshas Ki Siso 5764


Secular Israeli Schools Fail the Test, Parshas Ki Siso 5764


Pig Head Laid on Stairs of Beis Knesses in Haifa, Parshas Tetzaveh 5764


Movement for Fairness in Government Asks to Present Opinion in Court, Parshas Terumah 5764


Wireless System for Burglaries on Shabbos in Bnei Brak, Parshas Terumah 5764


Betzedek Files High Court Petition Against New Local Tax Regulation, Parshas Mishpotim 5764


Maranan Verabonon Warn Against Certain Weeklies Aimed at Chareidi Readers, Parshas Mishpotim 5764


ZERO-SUM GAME, Parshas Mishpotim 5764


Knesset Education Committee Continues to Lash Out at Chareidi Education System, Parshas Yisro 5764


Lapid to Head Dayanim Appointment Committee, Parshas Beshalach 5764


HaRav Steinman's Cry: We Must Fight Interference with Our Chinuch with All Our Strength!, Parshas Bo 5764


Core Curriculum: The Attempt to Reeducate the Chareidi Sector, Parshas Voeiro 5764


High Court Orders Sharon to Explain His Failure to Select Tel Aviv Chief Rabbi, Parshas Voeiro 5764


Education Ministry Forced to Invite Reform and Conservative Rabbis to Speak in Schools, Parshas Shemos 5764


Ministry of Religious Affairs Closes, Parshas Vayechi 5764


What Will Happen to the Functions of the Ministry of Religions, Parshas Vayigash 5764


Education Minister Threatens to Cut Budget of Chareidi Institutions That Do Not Accept Core Program, Parshas Vayigash 5764


Secularism's Final Throes, Parshas Mikeitz 5764


Three Models for New Religious Councils, Parshas Mikeitz 5764


Call to Stand Firm Against "Chareidi Yeshiva High Schools", Parshas Vayeishev 5764


MK Rabbi Gafni: Chareidi Education Institutions will not Commit to Core Curriculum Program, Parshas Vayeishev 5764


Thousands of Non- Jews Liable to be Assimilated in the Guise of Citizenship, Parshas Vayeishev 5764


UTJ Protests NRP's Consent to Transfer Rabbinate Botei Din, Parshas Vayeishev 5764


Chief Rabbinate Courts Move to Justice Ministry Jurisdiction on January 1st, Parshas Vayishlach 5764


Yeshiva Ketanoh Directors Called on Not to Fill Out Questionnaires, Parshas Vayeitzei 5764


"Mercy Killing" Bills Pass Preliminary Vote, Parshas Toldos 5764


Environmental Ministry Funds Pig Projects, Parshas Toldos 5764


Religious Services Facing Total Collapse, Parshas Chayei Soroh 5764


Degel HaTorah Holds Post- Election Conference, Parshas Vayeiro 5764


Chareidi Music and Non-Music, Parshas Vayeiro 5764


All Talmudei Torah Oppose Government Involvement in Curriculum, Succos 5764


Kadimah Local Council Refuses to Provide Security for Nesivos Moshe, Succos 5764


Solving Israel's Demographic Problems, Parshas Ki Savo 5763


Rabbi Gafni Sends Cutting Letter to Minister Orlev, Parshas Ki Savo 5763


Plan to Transfer Rabbinical Courts to Justice Ministry Delayed, Parshas Ki Seitzei 5763


Government Plans to Transfer Rabbinate Botei Din to Justice Ministry, Parshas Shoftim 5763


Efforts to Stop Construction of Pork Distribution Center in Petach Tikva, Parshas Re'eh 5763


Checking out Abu Kabir, Parshas Re'eh 5763


Politica - Jewish Religious Services Authority, Parshas Re'eh 5763


Rabbonim Issue Warnings Against "Birthright", Parshas Eikev 5763


Shinui Demonstrations in Kfar Saba, Parshas Vo'eschanan 5763


Indignation Over Sharon's Hostile Remarks on Conversion, Parshas Vo'eschanan 5763


Finance Committee Approves Transfer of only Two-Thirds of Chareidi Cultural Funding, Parshas Vo'eschanan 5763


Mobilize to Resist Anti- Schechita Attempts in US, Parshas Devarim 5763


American Agudah Effort to Aid Jewish Families Raises Ruckus, Parshas Matos-Masei 5763


Bais Yaakov Schools Reach Agreement, Parshas Matos-Masei 5763


Testing our Own Reading Comprehension, Parshas Matos-Masei 5763


Shinui Forged Secret Agreement to Funnel NIS 123 Million in Discretionary Funds, Parshas Pinchas 5763


Rabbonim Work to Rein in Shabbos Demonstrations on Bar Ilan Street, Parshas Pinchas 5763


Leitzonus Against Us and For Us, Parshas Chukas 5763


The Rapid Rise and Fall of the Reshoim, Parshas Chukas 5763


Rav Lazerson: Only Gedolei Yisroel Determine Chinuch Atzmai Curriculum, Parshas Chukas 5763


Poraz Focus of Attacks, Parshas Chukas 5763


CER Bolsters Russian Education, Parshas Chukas 5763


High Court Appeal to Disqualify Shinui Representatives, Parshas Chukas 5763


Suspend Interior Minister says Rabbi Gafni, Parshas Korach 5763


Court Blocks Construction of Botei Knesses in Rosh HaAyin, Parshas Shelach 5763


Emergency Conference in Netanya, Parshas Bamidbar 5763


The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising -- Secular Symbol of Jewish Success, Parshas Emor 5763


Poraz Refuses to Dispatch Chometz Inspectors, Parshas Kedoshim 5763


Interior Minister Poraz Says He will not Enforce Chometz Law, Parshas Metzora 5763


Education Minister Threatens Chareidi Schools, Parshas Metzora 5763


High Court Rules Women of the Wall can Hold Their Provocative Ceremonies at a Special Site, Parshas Metzora 5763


Letter of British Agudah to the Israeli Ambassador in London, Parshas Metzora 5763


Implementing Shinui's Campaign Platform, Parshas Tazria 5763


Position Statement, Parshas Shmini 5763


We Must Protest, Parshas Shmini 5763


The Three- Pronged Strategy, Parshas Shmini 5763


The Compromises of the NRP, Parshas Tzav 5763


Poraz Pushes Early Elections in Jerusalem, Haifa and Or Akiva, Parshas Vayikra 5763


Sharon Tells Lapid: Religious Affairs Ministry to Close Within One Year, Parshas Pekudei 5763


Standing at Closed Gates, Parshas Ki Siso 5763


A Candidate for Ancient Egypt, Parshas Tetzaveh 5763


Mehadrin Buses in Israel, Parshas Terumah 5763


Putting the Election Results - - and Any Public Activity -- to the True Test, Parshas Terumah 5763


Why Pets Don't Go To Heaven, Parshas Beshalach 5763


Several European Countries Attempt to Ban Shechitah, Parshas Vo'eiro 5763


Silk-Screened, Invalid Kisvei Stam Found, Parshas Miketz 5763


The Demography and the Reality of the Jewish People, Parshas Lech Lecho 5763


Education Ministry's Plan Holds Dangers for Chareidi Education, Parshas NItzovim/Vayelech 5762


Arson Attack on Beis Knesses in Bnei Brak, Parshas NItzovim/Vayelech 5762


Reflections on Trigger-Happy Police, Parshas Chukas 5762


New Study Reveals Government's Stance on Amka Scandal, Parshas Behaaloscha 5762


Jerusalem School Attempts to Draw Chareidim to Secular Studies, Parshas Behaaloscha 5762


No Psalms in Israel, Parshas Nosso 5762




The Stolen Yemenite Children Affair Revisited, Parshas Achrei Mos/Kedoshim 5762


Paying for the Air We Breathe, Parshas Mishpatim 5762


Gedolei Yisroel Express Firm Opposition to Proposed Changes in Bais Yaakov Seminaries, Parshas Yisro 5762


Interior Ministry Says 70 percent of Immigrants from Former Soviet Union are not Jewish!, Parshas Yisro 5762


Judaism Is Pluralistic, Parshas Beshalach 5762


Sharon Decides the Budget Has to Wait for Shas and UTJ, Parshas Beshalach 5762


Opposition To Initiatives For Religious-Secular Dialogue and to the Idea Of a Covenant Stressing Common Values, Parshas Bo 5762


Israeli Media: It's Rav Samet's fault that He Was Killed, Parshas Vayigash 5762


Religious Fundamentalism is Not All the Same, Parshas Vayigash 5762


Manof Demands Criminal Investigation of Cameri Theater For Incitement, Parshas Vayeishev 5762


Extreme Jewish Fundamentalism, Parshas Vayeishev 5762


Tear Gas and an Electric Prod, Parshas Vayishlach 5762


Everyone is Busy -- Including the Anti-Religious, Parshas Vayeitzei 5762


UTJ Issues Ultimatum Over Basic Budget, Parshas Vayeitzei 5762


Instructions Issued to Stop Kupat Cholim Special Services to Chareidim, Parshas Vayeitzei 5762


Bnei Brak Leaders Shocked by Opposition to Street Name Change, Parshas Toldos 5762


Bus 402 from Bnei Brak to Jerusalem Launched, Parshas Vayeiro 5762


A SAD SERMON: Reform Leader Equates Chareidim and Islamic Terrorists, Parshas Lech Lecho 5762


Lev L'Achim Enrollment Drives Meet With Resistance from Secular School Officials, Parshas Lech Lecho 5762


MK Lapid Reprimanded by Knesset Ethics Committee Following a Complaint by MK Gafni, Parshas Lech Lecho 5762


Traditional Circumcision Crippled in Sweden, Parshas Noach 5762


Sharp Criticism of Advertisements Encouraging Working Careers for Bnei Torah, Parshas Nitzavim 5761/Rosh Hashana-Yom Kippur 5762


Civil Rights Group Petitions Court For Charedi Soldier's Kosher Lemehadrin Food, Parshas Ki Seitzei 5761


On Our Ideological Purity, Parshas Ekev 5761


Chareidim not Represented in Ramot Administration, Parshas Devarim 5761


Observations: The True Face of the "National Poet," Chaim Nachman Bialik, Parshas Devarim 5761


Rabbi Gafni: "High Court to Blame For Lack of Constitution", Parshas Pinchos 5761


Anonymous Doctors Murder a Terminal Patient With Court Approval, Parshas Chukas 5761


When is Machlokes Considered Like Sholom?, Parshas Korach 5761


Arson in Petach Tikvah: Heavy Damage to Chanichei Hayeshivos Synagogue, Parshas Shelach 5761


Politica - Who's Running?, Parshas Shelach 5761


 Collaboration with Antisemites, Parshas Behaaloscha 5761


Tel Aviv University Cancels Planned Rav Amnon Yitzhak Appearance, Parshas Nasso 5761


Chinuch Atzmai Rebuffs Attempts to Intervene in Curricula, Parshas Bamidbar 5761


Antisemitic Non-Jewish Immigrants: A Ticking Time Bomb, Parshas Bamidbar 5761


Media Unjustly Attacks Rav of Kiryat Ata, Parshas Bamidbar 5761


Politica, Parshas Bamidbar 5761


Kiddush Shem Shomayim in Beit Shemesh, Parshas Bamidbar 5761


Huge Rise in Chareidi School Enrollment; Lev L'Achim: The Figures Are Even Higher, Parshas Emor 5761


Organization To Combat Antisemitism in Israel, Parshas Emor 5761


The Free Market Place of Ideas Under Siege, Parshas Emor 5761


Ridiculing Our Torah Leaders, Parshas Tazriya-Metzora 5761


Matzoh Cartel Thwarted, Parshas Tzav 5761


Scores of Youngsters Belong to Satanic Cult in Jerusalem, Parshas Tzav 5761


Lev L'Achim Demands Closure of Scientology School; Cancellation of Approval of Scientology Textbooks, Parshas Vayakhel - Pikudei 5761


Letters from the Gedolim About the Current Election, Parshas Beshalach 5761


How Will We Vote?, Parshas Bo 5761


We do not Depend on Them, Parshas Vo'era 5761




Nahariya, Kiryat Shmuel, Tzoran and Afula -- The Religious Revolution of Keren Nesivos Moshe, Parshas Vayeshev 5761


Agudath Israel Leads Protest Against Indecent Ads in New York, Parshas Vayeshev 5761


American Aguda Plans Responses to Situation in Eretz Yisroel, Parshas Vayeshev 5761


There is No Solution, Parshas Chayei Soroh 5761


There is No Solution, Parshas Vayeiro 5761


Public Probes and Private Probes, Succos 5761


Degel HaTorah's Secretariat Deliberates on Current Issues, Rosh Hashana-Yom Kippur 5761


Dismantling of Religious Affairs Ministry Liable to Harm Torah Institutions, Rosh hashana-Yom Kippur 5761


Judaism in the Secular Street, Parshas Nitzavim-Vayeilech 5760


Barak Wants to Press His Secular Revolution, Parshas Ki Savo 5760


Beilin Explains the "Secular Revolution", Parshas Ki Seitze 5760


Agudas Yisroel Takes ADL to Task for Criticizing Lieberman, Parshas Ki Seitze 5760


Incitement Over a Street Name, Parshas Ki Seitze 5760


Religious Affairs Ministry to be Dismantled This Month, Parshas Ki Seitze 5760


Barak, the Pathetic King, Parshas Ki Seitze 5760


The Battle For and Against Shmitta Observance, Parshas Shoftim 5760


Assimilation Rate In South Africa Remains Low, Parshas Shoftim 5760


Orthodox Representatives Share Thoughts with the World, Parshas Shoftim 5760


Barak Launches Diversionary Culture War, Parshas Re'eh 5760


Rabbinical Groups Asked Not to Certify Hetter Mechirah Produce, Parshas Re'eh 5760


The Israeli Media Lives in a World of It's Own, Parshas Re'eh 5760


Constitution Above All, Parshas Re'eh 5760


Halachic Ruling Bans Tourist Visits To Chareidi Neighborhoods on Shabbos, Parshas Vaeschanan 5760


Chevra Kadisha Accuses Abu Kabir Institute of Organ Theft, Parshas Vaeschanan 5760


Beis Din for Problems in Computer Usage Warns Against CD- ROM Discs, Parshas Devarim 5760


Beilin Would Dismantle Religious Affairs Ministry, Parshas Devarim 5760


Katsav, Likud Candidate, is Elected President of Israel, Parshas Devarim 5760


Israeli Factory Mixes Schnitzels with Scientology, Parshas Mattos- Massei 5760


Slanted Reporting: Using a Scientific Study to Attack Modest Dress, Parshas Chukas 5760


Education Ministry Withholds Summer Security Subsidy in Talmudei Torah, Parshas Chukas 5760


Torah Scrolls Desecrated in French Hill Synagogue, Parshas Shelach 5760


The More Children the Better, Parshas Behaaloscha 5760


Special Rabbinical Committee To Fight Jerusalem Arena Project, Parshas Nasso 5760


What's Bothering Them?, Parshas Nasso 5760


Religious Teachers To Boycott Education Ministry Convention In Non- Kosher Hotel, Parshas Bamidbar 5760


The Danger of Secular Control of Eretz Yisroel, Parshas Bamidbar 5760


They See What They Want Us to See and Hear What They Want Us to Hear, Parshas Bechukosai 5760


Just Another Day?, Parshas Bechukosai 5760


The Mark of Zuroff, Parshas Bechukosai 5760


We Are One! Parshas Bechukosai 5760


Lessons for Life, Parshas Emor 5760


Worldwide Protest Against Indecent Advertising, Parshas Emor 5760


The Court Fulfilled the Expectations for It, Parshas Kedoshim 5760


Will We Gain By Compromising on Religious Issues?, Parshas Tazria 5760


One More Victory Like This..., Parshas Tazria 5760


Attorney General Opens a Criminal Investigation of HaRav Ovadia Yosef, Parshas Shemini 5760


...And Here is the News... Horror! .... Poster Defaced!, Parshas Vayikra 5760


U.S. Aguda to High Court: Morality Has Legal Meaning, Parshas Pekudei 5760


Knesset Approves UTJ Law for Torah Study in State Schools, Parshas Vayakhel 5760


Aguda: Yeshivos and Kehillos Deserve Part of Swiss Bank Settlement, Parshas Vayakhel 5760


Battle For the "Heter Mechiroh", Parshas Ki Sisa 5760


Gedolei HaTorah in America Join Gedolei HaTorah of Eretz Yisroel's Internet Warning, Parshas Ki Sisa 5760


Knesset Criticizes Interior Minister's Permission for Consular Marriages, Parshas Ki Sisa 5760


Doing the Duty of Yated Ne'eman, Parshas Terumah 5760


Gafni: Chess Clubs Have Entrance Criteria, Why not Judaism?, Parshas Mishpotim 5760


Violence in Modern Society, Parshas Mishpotim 5760


Proposed Cancellation of Nationality Clause on Identity Cards Rejected, Parshas Yisro 5760


Right Foot Forward, Parshas Beshalach 5760


 Clarifications and Elaborations of the Internet Ruling, Parshas Beshalach 5760


Satanic Cult Symbols Sprayed on Jerusalem Synagogue, Parshas Beshalach 5760


Daas Torah: Do Not Use the Internet, Parshas Bo 5760


What is Wrong with the Internet?, Parshas Bo 5760


Da'as Torah and a Stern Warning, Parshas Bo 5760


According to Kol Ha'ir: Barak to Mrs. Clinton: Lapid Can Teach You How to Handle Chareidim, Parshas Voeira 5760


Efi Fein Isn't Being Promoted Because He is Religious, Parshas Vayechi 5760


Swastikas Sprayed on Synagogue Walls in Kiryat Motzkin, Parshas Vayechi 5760


The Need to Set Up a Jewish Identity Database, Parshas Vayigash 5760


MK Rabbi Gafni: Much Mistreatment of Religious Soldiers, Parshas Mikeitz 5760


Jerusalem Rabbonim Decry Video Trend, Parshas Mikeitz 5760


Knesset Rejects Two Shinui Anti- Religious Bills, Parshas Mikeitz 5760


Unprecedented Anti- Chareidi Violence in Beit Shemesh, Parshas Vayeshev 5760


Thousands Gather to Hear Gedolim on Motzei Shabbos, Parshas Vayeshev 5760


Terrible Incitement Against the Chareidi Community, Parshas Vayishlach 5760


Shuvu Students Questioned by Police in Nahariya for "Truancy", Parshas Vayishlach 5760


It Is From Hashem, Parshas Vayeitzei 5760


Time Magazine Taken To Task For Anti-Chareidi Article, Parshas Vayeitzei 5760


Women Who Participate in Unsupervised Enrichment Courses  Will Not be Employed By Chareidi School Systems, Parshas Toldos 5760


Shinui Opposes Benign Bill Just to Spite Chareidim, Parshas Toldos 5760


Anti- religious Elements Seek to Prevent Operation of Bayit Vegan Pool, Parshas Toldos 5760


A Secular Jew's View of the Jewish People, Parshas Toldos 5760


Beersheba Court Rejects Pork Shop Owners' Appeal, Parshas Chaye Soro 5760


Anti- Chareidi Budgetary Discrimination All Over the  Map, Parshas Chaye Soro 5760


A Secular Jew's View  of the Jewish People, Parshas Chaye Soro 5760


The Struggle for Shabbos 50 Years Ago  -- On Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan,  They Got up from Shiva - part II, Parshas Vayero 5760


Chareidi Representatives in Yerushalayim To Oppose Funding  Of Arena Project, Parshas Vayero 5760


Torah World Deprivation Discussed in Knesset, Parshas Vayero 5760


Rabbi Gafni: Freedom of Speech is a Code Word for Offense to the Religious Community, Parshas Vayero 5760


The Struggle for Shabbos 50 Years Ago  -- On Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, They Got up from Shiva - part I, Parshas Lech Lecho 5760


Vandals Who Defaced Synagogues in Bnei Brak are Caught, Parshas Lech Lecho 5760


Minister Sharansky Signs Amendment Enabling Tel Aviv Shabbos Commerce, Parshas Lech Lecho 5760


Turbine Transfer Turmoil, Parshas Lech Lecho 5760


The Jewish People are Truly Believers, Parshas Lech Lecho 5760


The Government Has Decided to Cancel Rental Subsidies for Avreichim and the Special Grants in Elad- Mazor, Parshas Noach 5760


Who Really Knows Psychology?, Parshas Noach 5760


Employment of a Teacher who did Teshuvah Causes School Strike, Succos 5760


Technion Professor: "The Dossim Should Be Thrown into the Sea", Succos 5760


Based on the Law of Return: The Non- Jewish Agency?, Succos 5760


Forced to See the Truth, Succos 5760


Education Minister Plans Major Reforms in State Jewish Studies Programs, Rosh Hashana 5760


A Shabbos Beating, Rosh Hashana 5760


Jerusalem Municipality Leftists Oppose Karta Parking Lot Shabbos Closure, Rosh Hashana 5760


Turbine Coalition Crisis Averted at the Last Minute; Weekday Solution Reported At Hand, Parshas Nitzavim - Vayelech 5759


Albert Cohen, the Manager of the Turbine Transfer Project, Talks to Yated Ne'eman, Parshas Nitzavim - Vayelech 5759


A Group of Youngsters from Hapoel Petach Tikvah Were Forced to Eat Treif, Parshas Nitzavim - Vayelech 5759


Shabbos Should Unify Jews, not Divide Them, Parshas Nitzavim - Vayelech 5759


Last Shabbos No Turbine Part was Transported, Parshas Ki Sovo 5759


Rabbi Gafni Warns on Y2K Shabbos Desecration, Parshas Ki Seitzei 5759


Turbine Tempest -- the Latest Shabbos Outrage, Parshas Ki Seitzei 5759


Teshuvah is Legal at Tel Aviv Cultural Center; Chareidi Activist Stabbed by Leftist Thug, Parshas Shoftim 5759


Protests Against Bank Mizrachi Machines Working on Shabbos, Parshas Shoftim 5759


Huge Turbine Move Becomes Latest Public Cultural Battle, Parshas Shoftim 5759


Police Officials Say Meretz Activists Unnecessarily Provocative on Shabbos, Parshas Re'ei 5759


Utensils Manufactured by the Phoenicia Glass Company of Yeruchom Require Tevillo, Parshas Re'ei 5759


Bank Hamizrachi Will Operate Its ATMs on Shabbos, Parshas Re'ei 5759


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