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How Many Were Really at the Saturday Night Anti-government Demonstration?

by Yitzchok Roth


So how many actually demonstrated? Eighty thousand? So what? How much is that, anyway? Let's figure it out.

If a seat in the Knesset requires forty-thousand votes, how many seats are represented by eighty thousand? Two. That's all. Compare this with the 64 seats which the present Coalition mustered. But this is only if we accept the presumption that there actually were that many!

How many demonstrators can the Tel Aviv square actually contain at any time? The total area of the site is known, and people take up room. So it is possible to calculate the maximum number of people who can physically fit into the area in which the demonstration took place.

The one who examined this, reporter Bar Peleg, wrote his comments in a radical Leftist publication which is not suspected of Rightist leanings. He found that the maximum capacity of the square is 17,537 people, a very exact figure, not a single one more. What, then, is his interest in reducing the reported number of demonstrators? None, whatsoever, except that he figured it out exactly four years ago on the occasion of a rightist demonstration on that very site. Then, too, the organizers spoke about eighty thousand participants and the energetic reporter set out to verify the truth, the exact truth.

Perhaps one might argue that Rightists are heavyweight, corpulent people, double the frames of Leftists who are slender and thin, which brings us to conjecture that on every square that a Rightist occupied, four Leftists can stand. That would allow (almost) for the numbers quoted.

To Fight Back?

Incidentally perhaps upon this occasion, we may suggest that the chareidi public should open up a small office for propaganda to deflect the wild attacks against it and not leave the arena open to those who spout their own opinions. Some have glib tongues while others falter and fumble for words.

One can learn from the American Agudath Israel which bought up large advertisement space in central Manhattan and launched a very costly publicity campaign. It boldly attacks the American press and refers the public to information websites which tell the truth about the chareidi community in America. But it is less than a drop in the sea, compared to the tidal waves of virulent hatred. Still, it is better than leaving the platform only for the aggressor without attempting an honest rebuttal against our enemies.

Let us still stress that it won't make a dent on those stubborn hearts and plugged up ears. It may, however, reach the public which is prepared to listen and whose minds are not putrefied. Perhaps they will be exposed to the truth and not only to the propaganda pollution.


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