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This is Real Democracy!

by Yitzchok Roth


We didn't cheat; we didn't deceive anyone. Everything was clear and on the up and up from the onset. The nation went to the polls to vote purely according to the current issues being dealt with now in the coalition negotiations.

Furthermore, the parties of the Opposition warned the voting public that this is what would happen with a rightist coalition plus the chareidim coming to power. They warned the public everywhere and through all means that all the "reforms" which the previous government tried or succeeded in achieving would be arrested by the incoming government. The judicial system would undergo changes by the new government, torpedoing any situation where the judges attempted to rule supreme, regardless of the elected body.

Pictures were splashed across every pole and bridge showing Netanyahu alongside Itamar Ben Gvir, proclaiming an explicit threat that the Interior Ministry would be ruled by an extremist rightist. The Opposition did not rest or remain idle but did everything, but everything, to warn the public of what would take place if the government of 'change, respite and brotherhood' would have to step down.

And the people? The voters rallied. They removed the government of sham and deceit by giving its voice to a government of the Right cum chareidim.

If this is democracy, it is precisely as it should be, as everyone could have predicted. The public was faced with two options: the previous government which was anti-democratic precisely for this very reason, where the people chose one thing and received another. The public gave the "Yemina" rightist party of dishonorable mention the chance of establishing a rightist government. Party members, at least some of them, usurped the votes and transferred them to the Left, to a government of Labor-Meretz-Abaas, and understandably, to Lapid and Gantz. This act was totally against democracy, when it deluded the voters by doing exactly the opposite of what they were promised. Even the opportunist group in the Knesset decided to vote against the promises to the voters, thus delivering the majority to a Leftist-Arab government. This was not a democratic showing since, as is known, a government of the people decides how it wishes to appear to its constituents, and if it steals the vote and does precisely the opposite, it has no connection to democracy.

Therefore, all those who now shout about the end of the era of democracy are no more than a bunch of hypocrites and liars. In this election, the people voiced its desire and expressed its will. It wants a government of the Right and of chareidim. It wants someone to make a revolution in the area of leadership. The people want a change in the judicial system together with a law to reign in the High Court.

The people want a state with genuine traditional Jewish flavor and savor rather than with the purging of religion. And so long as no one decides to change the people, the 'knights of democracy and the rule of law' must accept the resolution of the voters, whether it likes it or not.


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