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The Situation is Tough but Don't be Discouraged

by YN

G-d forbid that our spirit fall due to difficulties. HaRav Yosef Lis quotes the Brisker Rov in the name of the Chofetz Chaim that the situation in Poland was most disheartening and people complained to him, asking what to do.

He said, "Do you hear? They want better advice. However, if all of the latter day sages, together with the Rishonim, Geonim, Amoraim and even the Tanoim were to gather together, would they be able to offer better counsel than Rabbi Eliezer Hagodol who says: What shall a person do to survive the tribulations prior to the coming of Moshiach? Let him occupy himself in Torah and deeds of chessed. But they are dissatisfied with this advice. They demand from me a better choice."

Persecutors of religion will not be victorious over us so long as we realize that this is a decree from Heaven. The government of the masses is no more than Hashem's punitive rod. Attack the rod? as the Chofetz Chaim said. Hashem is speaking to us: "The difficulties are decreed from Heaven. We need merits!"

Here in Eretz Yisroel there are decrees which threaten Torah study. The purpose of these decrees is to turn us away from Torah. Besides, there are decrees against the public at large that matters be conducted counter to Halochoh. Prohibitions.

They seek to trip us up in turning the entire public into sinners. Those who institute these decrees have free will but our hardships are directly decreed by Heaven. What do they want from us?

It is meant to show us that we lack merits. When we lack merits, we are troubled with harsh decree and forfeit Heavenly assistance." The Rosh Yeshiva clarified the issue with these words, blazing the path for us during these murky days.

HaRav Eidelstein added, "The decrees and hardships which the Torah-true public face now come directly from Heaven primarily for its benefit to make us strive for greater merit — Torah from deprivation."

Bennett and Kahane from one side, Lieberman, Lapid and Malinovsky from the other. These days of Kislev on the way to Teves, between Athens and Rome, between the Hellenists and the assimilationists, between the garbage dump and the cruse of holy oil. The battle is pitched against the Jewish house. Times of decrees - calling for increased merit!


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