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The Islamic "Heritage" of a Terrorist

by Yitzchok Roth

The terrorist who murdered Eli Dovid Kay Hy"d was not an excited youth. Neither was he a bored unemployed person in tough economic circumstances, looking for a way to discharge his frustration about a system that ignored him. The lowlife murdered did not fit any of the descriptions that the Left usually uses to describe their image of a terrorist who is "understandable."

He did not set out to murder in response to cutting down Palestinian olive trees, as is the favorite excuse given by the current Defense Minister.

Mahdi Abu Shiham was a teacher and religious minister, married and a father of four. During his 42 years in this world he did not suffer want. The Ministry of Education checked him out eight years ago and found him worthy of receiving a teaching license. He had a college degree, and taught the Islamic culture and heritage.

This was his downfall. The heritage of Islam is filled with murder and extreme hatred of Jews.

Someone once said that not all Moslems are murderers, but all the murderers are Moslem. Certainly with our own experience of worldwide terror, awful murders on the part of adherents to Islam are part of the culture.

Abu Shiham planned his attack and he knew that he almost certainly would not survive it. He sent his wife away to Jordan, and before his attack he spoke to her and told her to pray for him. This was a fully planned murder, part of the Islamic ideology that preaches to kill Jews. It was not a spontaneous act. This creature decided to sacrifice his life on the altar of Islamic culture and to become a shaheed. These are the creatures with whom someone says we should make peace.

Hamas of the Gaza Strip did not take official responsibility for the murderous attack, but it celebrated it. In the Shuafat refugee camp there was a parade down the main street, and the son of the murderer said proudly that he was now the son of a shaheed.

The representative of the Islamic Movement who is now part of the Israeli government had a hard time. He issued a few words of reservations — in Hebrew of course. He could not speak in Arabic if he wanted to go home safely.

That is how the sovereign government looks, dependent on representatives who support, whether openly or privately, the Islamist extreme ideology, of which Abu Shiham is only the tip of the iceberg.


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