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Emunas Chachomim is the Foundation: Remarks of HaRav Shraga Shteinman

by Yechiel Sever


"It is a tremendous merit to bring people to Olam Haba, so that they know the purpose for which man was created. It is especially important to hail the Arachim organization which imbues in baalei teshuva the concept of "Emunas Chachomim" — to provide this sector with the requirement of consulting rabbonim and mentors regularly so as to be guided on how to conduct themselves in all of the changing challenges of life. Only thus will their path of avodas Hashem be established on firm foundations which will never weaken."

These were the words of HaRav Shraga Shteinman, Rosh Yeshivas Orchos Torah and member of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah, during a preparatory assembly for rabbonim and directors of the Arachim organization which took place in their Bnei Brak headquarters.

In his speech, he advised that it is vital to implant in the minds of Arachim seminar participants the concept of emunas chachomim. This entails not only the need to consult a rav but to also know and believe that whatever our leaders extract from the written Torah is the true and accurate will of Hashem. The Oral Tradition is broader than the sea, and without faith in our Torah leaders, "baalei teshuva are liable to become confused and be unable to differentiate between black and white, between what is demanded axiomatically and what is defined as bedi'eved, secondary and subordinate."

He also added that the moment that a person assumes the commitment of emunas chachomim, it is as if he has already kept the entire Torah. As Rabbenu Yonah comments, "'Whoever has deeds more plentiful than his wisdom, his wisdom is staunch.' He may only know ten mitzvos and that is the extent of his knowledge, but his deeds exceed this beyond measure because he is committed to accept whatever the rabbonim tell him so that, on principle, he is said to be fulfilling the entire Torah, even literally.

"This is what Arachim is accomplishing today," he elucidated. "Comes along one who does not yet know anything. But the moment that he is convinced of the reality of the Creator and of the occasion of Mattan Torah on Har Sinai, he is committing himself to the entire tradition and transmission of the Torah as taught by the sages, and can be already recognized as if he has already kept the entire Torah. As such, it is possible that baalei teshuva are keeping the mitzvos in a manner superior to ours. We know what is required of us but sometimes fall short of performing the mitzvos in the best way, while the former keep the letter of what they are told."


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