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Starting Yeshiva Gedolah

by C. Honig

The Rosh Yeshiva speaking with Rabbi Dovid Hofstedter

Thousands of sweet young students finishing their terms in yeshivos ketanos in Eretz Yisroel, gathered for a yearly uplifting debriefing, a preparatory seminar which has been taking place for over a decade, sponsored by Dirshu. Its purpose is to initiate, prepare, invigorate, and inspire them in advance of their crossing the threshold of a yeshiva gedola.

The center of this year's seminar focused on a message of guidance provided by the Rosh Hayeshiva HaRav Gershon Edelstein. It was chaired by HaRav Yisroel Layush, Ra"m in Yeshivas Aharon, who began with praise for the exalted gathering itself, inviting to the podium HaRav Arye Leib Shapira, mashgiach of Yeshiva Ponovezh yeshiva ketana.

The Rosh Yeshiva HaRav Edelstein, told the young students the following:

"The system of study in a yeshiva gedola is different. One must prepare before the shiur. Things are explained in a yeshiva ketana. Each talmid reads the text and the rav explains it. But in yeshiva gedola, one must grasp the gemara by oneself so that he will understand the shiur. One must be prepared.

"Understanding the material by oneself, which includes the gemara, Rashi and Tosafos. is not so simple. The advice for this, tried and true, is to study the text once with Rashi alone, to make a beginning. The next day one reviews the material from the previous day, text and Rashi. On the third day, one reviews it, this time introducing Tosafos and on the fourth day, one should review with Tosafos. By then it should all be clear.

"Then there is the review of the shiur itself which should take place on the same day, either in the afternoon or at the third seder, but particularly on that day. Review adds clarity, understanding, more than during the shiur itself. Review is the glue between study partners.

"A kosher phone, as kosher as it may be, causes laxity. Calling the family, friends — it may even include loshon hora and idle gossip. A phone is not advisable to possess since it incorporates a waste of time or forbidden speech.

"A mussar session in yeshiva is not only designed for the students but is important for every person. One should have a daily commitment to the study of Mussar: Chovos Halevovos; Sha'arei Teshuva; Mesillas Yeshorim, Orchos Tzadikim - all these works are recommended even if one does not see any immediate effect, but it has an impact nonetheless. A mussar session in yeshiva is not extracurricular or suggested study but is very beneficial and vital.

"Another thing: all of the yeshiva study sessions and rules are a merit for success, tried and proven. One must go to sleep on time so as to be revitalized the next day and not be tired. One must daven on time, feel good, his mind should be clear— all of these things are important - tefilloh on time, the seder itself until mincha and again, until ma'ariv. One who keeps to the set times of the yeshiva will experience special heavenly assistance and success."



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