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A Shmuess Motzei Shabbos

by M. Berger

HaRav Don Segal shlita

A new program was presented to the public this past Motzei Shabbos with the blessings of HaRav Chaim Kanievsky and HaRav Gershon Eidelstein, as well as the support of Torah leaders and roshei yeshiva. The new program, Kol Mibei Midrasha for yeshiva students, "Yod'ei Shmecha", presents short vaadim from Torah leaders and rabbonim on selected topics geared to fortify the listeners in ways to draw closer to Hashem.

The Mashgiach, HaRav Don Segal, opened the first assembly which took place this past Motzei Shabbos Mishpotim by saying that "all the listeners will join this program presenting lofty matters on the one hand, while on the other, it will address the lowest point in our lives, or, in other words, it will encompass our entire lives."

He quoted the words of Rabbenu Yonah whereby in remembering Hashem, one arrives at all the good attributes which crown their owners. "This establishes every person solidly, for he thereby finds life. Whoever discovers Hashem also discovers life, not only in the general sense but also with regard to a life of serving Hashem. One who finds Hashem also finds genuine life.

"I am reminded of an anecdote where HaRav Shach asked me about a certain person, a Torah scholar with many fine attributes who failed to find a position suitable to his stature while all of his peers had found jobs. He asked me how this man was dealing with it. I replied that he lived with Hakodosh Boruch Hu. To this, Rav Shach replied that whoever lives thus, needs no more than that.

"Let us in unison strive to work on this and progress accordingly, for this is one of the chief advantages in Truth. Look up the second Gateway of Rabbenu Yonah which says that one must repent every single day. The praise and thanksgiving we give to Hashem arouses us that in our present crisis, we become aware that we have only to trust upon our Father in Heaven. This is mandatory but it is also the bliss connected to Hashem of seeing our `world' in our lifetime as well.

"If we merit this, will have no need to define or explain it. Everyone will sense the sweet pleasure of serving Hashem. May we all merit that `our proximity to Hashem is my goodness'."

We note that those interesting in participating in this unique program can listen to it on a special line each Motzei Shabbos on Kol Mibei Midrasha at 077-2519000 #2-2 and during the week, a repeat recording on #3-2.


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