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Morocco Rabbinical Court is Recognized as a State-Sanctioned Institution

by Yisrael Rosner

At the entrance to the rabbinical court

The Moroccan government led by its king continues its joint legislative-halachic activity and support, and each year, as well as this past week, an honorary ceremony is held between the Moroccan Minster of Justice and top officials of the legislative system, and dayanim of the Moroccan Beit Din sitting in Casablanca. This year, however, the government decided to publicly reactivate its warm relations with the Jewish community in the country, and for the first time, inaugurated the Beit Din's rabbinical emblem for the Beit Din at the entrance of the royal Supreme Court building in Casablanca.

The government placed special weight upon the ceremony by broadcasting the event in the local media, as well as by erecting an official insignia upon the facade of the Court building itself indicating the location of the rabbinical Beit Din which operates according to the Shulchan Aruch. It judges according to the Halacha and its rulings are fully recognized by the royal House and with the authority of its Supreme Court.

The prestigious event took place this past Wednesday at the Ministerial office, several moments after which the impressive sign was set up at the entrance of the Supreme Court building on the Avenue of President Hassan the Second. The dayanim of the Casablanca Beit Din gathered for a cordial and distinguished gathering where the Moroccan Justice Minister listened to the stated needs of the Jewish community in a friendly atmosphere in combined French and Arabic.

The dayanim, distinguished rabbonim, HaRav David Elharar and HaRav Yisrael Hazut, disclose their impressions in a unique interview with Yated Ne'eman, noting how they blessed the King at the onset of the meeting for having received American recognition of the Moroccan Sahara.

"The Justice Minister greeted us warmly and inquired about the needs of the Beit Din and of the Jewish community, promising to assist in all that was required for the strengthening of the status of the Beit Din." This was conveyed by HaRav Hazut in this exclusive interview.

HaRav Elchadad in his judicial robes

All of the seven dayanim of the Casablanca Beit Din participated in the meeting with the Minister, namely: Dayan Rav David Elhadad, who is royally appointed as the president of the Beit Din; Dayan Rav Yisrael Hazut; Dayan Rav Yosef Yisrael; Dayan Rav Michael Moyal; Dayan Rav Nissim Sabag and Dayan Rav Gavriel Kasus.

Also present was Dayan Rav Yaakov Turjeman from Tangier, where there is an additional Office of Dayanut. He, too, is part of the local Beit Din. Such a celebrated occasion for a rabbinical Beit Din is, by all standards, extraordinary and precedent-setting.

An outsider may not understand this, but the Royal House of Morocco is thus expressing its warm relationship across the years towards the Jews and their religion, which existed even during those times when the open diplomatic relations with Israel did not exist.

It should be noted that the special rabbinical apparel of the dayanim is identical to that of the judges, in robes of black and green. All that distinguishes the dayanim is the headgear - a rabbinical kipah of the same colors.


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