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Most Corona Restrictions in Israel Are Canceled As of June 1

by Yisroel Rosner

A scene we hope is behind us: The Kosel under Corona Restrictions

Beginning June 1, Israel is returning to its blessed routine, after more than a year and a half of restrictions rising and falling due to the Corona virus outbreak in the country and the entire world. Due to the heaven-blessed decline of the epidemic, Health Minister Yuri Edelstein decided that the majority of the restrictions imposed since the beginning of the plague will be removed as of this date.

The significance of this decision is expressed by the fact that the green card required by those who have been vaccinated or recuperated from the virus in order to enter restaurants, mass events and attractions will no longer be necessary. Regulations for the purple card which had been required by businesses, the maintaining of proper distance and hanging warning signs in front of shops will be eliminated.

Notwithstanding, the green certificate is still a significant asset throughout the rest of the world where only inoculated Israel citizens are permitted entry.

The decision to remove the restrictions was arrived at after a long period in which the number of those tested positive has declined day by day, with only four people registered positive this past day from over 22,000 tests, as reported this past Monday. At this time, there are 352 active Corona patients of which 49 are in critical condition, 35 of which are on respirators.

And yet, part of the restrictions are still in effect, including the requirement to wear a mask in closed areas, as well as the restrictions in entering and leaving the country, which are liable to become more severe as the need arises.

Israelis who wish to return from any country abroad are required to undergo a Corona test 72 hours before their return. What many don't know is that if you flew to a certain destination for less than 72 hours and your inoculation is valid, you need not undergo another test before returning to Israel. But one must ascertain in advance that he has a valid permit, since many airline stewards and personnel, especially from foreign countries, are not aware of this ruling.

After landing in Israel, whoever has not been vaccinated or recovered from the virus is required to be in quarantine for two weeks, no matter how many tests he made or from where he came. Those who were inoculated or have recovered are altogether exempt from quarantine unless they are coming from one of the nine countries designated as bright red: Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Ethiopia, Brazil, South Africa, India, Mexico and Turkey. The Health Ministry has decided to issue a strong warning against entering or exiting these countries without a special authorization issued by the Committee of Irregularities. Other countries also fall under the warnings: Nepal, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia and Tunisia.

After landing at the Ben Gurion airport, passengers are required to undergo a Corona test, including those vaccinated or recuperated. As of June 1, the test will not be for free but will cost 80 shekel. The restricted number of people at the airport has been abolished, allowing for more flights.


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