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The Tempest Around HaRav Elimelech Firer

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Rabbi Elimelech Firer is a well-known man of chessed who helps everyone. Recently it was decided to hold a concert and use the proceeds to grow his organization. A reporter noticed that there were no women performers and raised a hue and cry. The event was canceled.

Rabbi Firer

The liberal attack against Rabbi Firer is another escalation in the battle of the secular Israeli public against the Jewish people. HaRav Firer cancelled the event which attempted to organize a body of Friends of Ezra Lemarpe which would have enabled him to expand his humanitarian chessed activities, since he has no time to deal with evil hearted harassers and their bitterness. But neither could he ignore the fact that secular coercion raised a storm and upped the level of unprecedented ruthless hatred of the Israeli citizen.

For a long time already, the shoveling claws of a spiritual bulldozer has been gnawing away at the lifestyle of the residents of Eretz Yisroel. What began with sniveling and snarling of a scratching cat claiming that "they ate my portion, drank my milk, are thwarting my steps," has developed into sharpened fangs of a preying lion, with the aid of the legal system whose agenda is to extirpate all that is holy to us Jews living in Zion.

They try to impose legitimization of their anomalous way of life and destroy the Jewish home. In question is a terrorist system pretending a cloak of progress and enlightenment, supported by the media, while ceaselessly singing their venomous songs. Whoever is not prepared to sing along is doomed. Whoever does not answer an unwilling `amen' is strangled by the media and banned from their society.

The people of the liberal terrorism who are building a modern Tower of Bovel in order wage battle with Hashem are working precisely the same way as the biblical Dor Hapalaga. They have a contorted agenda which they conceived, and are attempting to force it upon us through social violence. They activate a thought regime and whoever dares to think or express themselves differently is doomed to burning in the auto-de-fe of public censure.


Even if you are a normal person who thinks along the same lines as your forebears, you are forced to publicly declare that this is not so. The media people are afraid to voice their opinion. Many singers, like, for instance, friends of HaRav Firer, whose circle of supporters had decided to organize a fundraising event to help him continue and expand his multifaceted activities — without women vocalists — are afraid to stand up for him against the Liberal terrorism for fear of injuring their so-called enlightened image, which is a total deception, for fear of losing their popularity.

Rabbi Firer, chairman of Ezra Lemarpe, is a person totally dedicated to others. He is a man without day or night due to his fiery activity to help all the world at large. He has erased his own ego altogether when it comes to helping society. He does not differentiate between man or woman, secular or religious, but is dedicated to assisting every human being, thanks to a very giving heart.

Amazingly, his medical professional know-how often as not surpasses that of the top physicians who consult him, thanks to his world encompassing contacts which he marshals for the benefit and healing of the sick and their families. Perish the thought that Rabbi Firer discriminates between women and men since he is a man of chessed, but by the same token, his world outlook through religion, while remaining a transparent nonentity when it comes to helping others, does not allow him to hear the singing voice of a woman since his life is guided by the Code of the Shulchan Oruch.

This, in essence, is the engine that both keeps Rabbi Firer going, and also forbids him to hear women vocalists. Which leads us to the difficult but genuine if painful determinant: if there is no fear of G-d in this place, no Rabbi Firer could have evolved!


This was best defined by Rabbi Meir Lehman in his commentary on the Haggadah (p. 101): "Love of mankind, chessed — are exalted fundamentals. Every believing Jew is obligated to embrace them. But we must not view this as the entire scope of our lives. If a person chooses to disburse all of his money to charity, but at the same time desecrates Shabbos intentionally, he is liable to a death penalty. Sacrifice for the good of another person cannot, for example, atone for eating forbidden food. These views do not coincide with the spirit of the times even though the benighted masses mocks them. The world view of Avrohom Ovinu does not coincide with the spirit of our times either."

One cannot isolate one piece of a puzzle in order to appreciate a man of chessed. You cannot tear out a single page from an entire record. This is deception.

When a prize was awarded to Rabbi Firer, it was not given to him for his totality. It did not reflect what he represented but represented what they wanted to gain from him! The hypocritical and artificial storm of women discrimination concerning the fundraising event of Ezra Lemarpe and the militant stance behind the Liberal harassment proves its hypocrisy that even when they finally seek to show their esteem for a chareidi figure, this also stems from the Internet, the lowest, self serving source, for their `love' is dependent and not altruistic. "Just see the difference between me and my brother!"

One thing is certain: the hatred of the ignorant masses towards Torah scholars is an irremediable mental disease. This media storm about the bogus subject of anti-feminine discrimination in the above mentioned event is not a philosophical question but a psychiatric one. If Rabbi Firer only could, he would surely deal with this. An event is born, an event is cancelled. But the vicious hatred of the am ho'oretz is an historical constant. Refuah sheleima!


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