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10 Elul 5777 - August 31, 2017 | Mordecai Plaut, director | Ki Seitzei-5777 Published Weekly

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At The Center of the Universe
At The Center of the Universe
by Mordechai Plaut

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Chinuch Atzmai Begins Another School Year

"This Wednesday, Chinuch Atzmai opened its gates to masses of students after two months of intensive groundwork," the Director General of Chinuch Atzmai, Rabbi Eliezer Sorotzkin, stated to Yated Ne'eman. "Teams of administrative and educational personnel have been prepping to launch this school year, which has been preceded as well by a large task force of those involved in setting up suitable buildings acquired and accoutered for first-time usage, some of which were provided by local council authorities and, sadly enough, others which are still stopgap accommodations.


The Use of Natural Gas for Electricity in Israel Reduced Cardiovascular Deaths by 13%

The ones who are benefiting from the natural gas offshore oil discoveries are Israeli citizens themselves, and not only from the financial viewpoint: a new scientific study organized under American auspices vindicate the arguments of the importance of natural gas, when it has been proven that the derricks off our shores, focus points of heated controversy, are actually very beneficial. The study shows that since the transfer of power usage in electrical energy stations in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Ashdod from coal to natural gas, there has been a marked improvement in the health of surrounding civilian residential enclaves. Air pollution has been considerably reduced, alongside a fall in the incidence of heart disease in its various forms, as well as in actual death statistics.



From Our Archives

The Lifestyle of Bnei Torah: The Antithesis of Modern Concepts

by HaRav Y. D. Rosenberg

There is only a fine line dividing the efforts a person is permitted to make in his life from the faith in the aid of the Supreme Being that must guide his life. This line also separates those who tangibly feel such a Divine Power and see His intervention in their daily life, from those whose faith is a more general, cloudy realization.

A Convert Must Join All the Jewish People

by Mordecai Plaut

If conversion to Judaism means something, it must be performed by people who have some demonstrated sensitivity to the line between Jew and non-Jew, and who can determine the essence of what is shared by all Jews.

"For That Which is Dear in His Eyes, is Distinguished"

by L. Jungerman

"You shall not leave his corpse on the tree, for he that is hanged is a curse of Hashem." Rashi notes that it is a disgrace for the King, for man was formed in the divine image, and Israel are Hashem's children. This can be likened, he says, to twin brothers, one of whom became a respected minister and the other a criminal who was caught and hanged for his crimes. Whoever sees the hanged man immediately thinks that it is his distinguished brother.



Av, 5765 - Kislev 5766 (August-December 2005)

May-July, 2005


The Message of an Earthquake

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The Immorality of Palestinian Combatants and Noncombatants

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