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Rabbonim Issue Call to Join Battle for Shabbos

The public is showing great enthusiasm for defending the honor of Shabbos Kodesh following calls by gedolei Torah vechassidus shlita.

Gedolei Torah from every stream are calling on the public to raise the honor of the Seventh Day and to preserve the walls of Shabbos throughout Eretz Yisroel by participating in the World Conference for the Shabbos scheduled to take place this Monday in Tel Aviv. These calls are reverberating in every chareidi area due to the importance of the struggle for the sanctity of Shabbos as various figures seek to remove the Shabbos atmosphere from the streets of Eretz Yisroel, chas vesholom.

A notice headed "Kol Korei La'am Mekadeshei Shevi'i Lemaan Shabbos Kodesh" and posted on Friday read in part, "In light of the continued deterioration in the state of our holy Shabbos in Eretz Hakodesh as many people destroy the bounds and breech the walls at shopping centers, malls, retail chains, factories, companies and visiting sites and many [consumers] are drawn in and fall into their nets and are lured into desecrating the sanctity of the Seventh Day we hereby support and encourage the special action committee set up for this holy and lofty purpose, acting in coordination with the Steering Committee run by Vaadas Harabbonim Lemaan HaShabbos Be'eretz Yisroel, which is under the authority of gedolei Yisroel shlita, who have accepted upon themselves the important task of fighting the battle of Shabbos Kodesh in Eretz Hakodesh and raising the loud cry of the desecrated Shabbos in order to penetrate the hearts of those who have gone astray and to ensure the sons cling to the sign their Father in Heaven gave them.

"The Action Committee, headed by Rabbi Refoel Halperin, Hashem yechiyehu veyeshamreihu, is initiating a large rally where the voice of our holy Shabbos will be heard far and wide in the hope this strident call will stir every soul and every person with a Jewish heart beating within to awaken to the continuing Shabbos desecration, and will bring each and every one of us to enlist like a soldier for the great war to buttress the walls of Shabbos in Eretz Hakodesh.

"May Hashem favor their efforts and help them succeed, and in the merit of observing Shabbos Kodesh, which is equated to all the other mitzvos, may we merit the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu speedily in our days, amen, as we have been promised: `If Yisroel were to keep one Shabbos properly the son of Dovid would come immediately.'"

A separate letter signed by HaRav Shmuel Halevi Wosner and HaRav Yosef Sholom Eliashiv, shlita, read, "Welcome beshem Hashem to all those convening at the large gathering to strengthen the sanctity of Shabbos and the observance of Shabbos in accordance with halochoh and to raise a cry against the breeches of chilul Shem Shomayim. He who keeps Shabbos is spared from all evil forever and be'ezras Hashem his efforts will be blessed.

"And Rabbi Refoel Halperin, shlita, who was given the merit from Above to be among the activists for the honor of Shabbos' sanctity. May it be His Will that Hashem finds favor in his work and helps him succeed, and in the merit of this mitzvah may he receive all good always."


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