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A Shidduch is Made
by Bruchy Laufer

Based on a true story with facts obviously changed

In the thriving Jewish community of Yehopetsville lived the beautiful daughter of Sima and Gershon Shoen. Vivienne had been blessed with an abundance of talents and gifts from Hashem. She was tall, smart, attractive and of a happy disposition. At twenty-five plus, she held an office job in the business section uptown. She was putting away hundreds of dollars each month to be able to support a learning husband. Someday.

Settling Out of Court
by P. Reiss

"Loo-oook what I have! Look what I-I have!" greeted me from the door. Shevi whirled into the kitchen, excitedly waving a colorful package wrapped in curled ribbons.


We were delighted to see a write-up by Sheindel Weinbach about the third annual Tsfat Women's Writing Conference held recently. Indeed, her acticle captured some of the inspiration and enthusiasm that filled the time we spent together, as well as the excitement expressed by participant writers during the conference and in the evaluations they offered at the end of the 24 hours together.

Lost and Found
by Risa Rotman

The year 5674 may stay in mind as a year of lost and found, that is, losing and finding the possessions of our family members.

It actually started the previous Elul when on the way back from kindergarten, a 10-15 minute walk with a two-year-old and new baby in tow, I suddenly realized that I no longer had my keys.

Special Delivery
Jewish Birth Stories of Faith and Inspiration

by Sarah Goldstein


I don't know if any book on the subject, which has occupied women's avid interest ever since Chava, mother of homo sapiens, is called by the title of this review. But it is very suitable. Its main message is that every mother-to-be deserves the right to experience birth as it was Divinely intended, as naturally as possible.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Dear friends and readers. In my new position as the Director of Emergency Services at Bikur Cholim hospital — the oldest (179 years) hospital in Israel, which was started by Reb Yosef Chaim Sonnefeld — since this hospital serves downtown Jerusalem including the area of Meah Shearim and Geula, it is a great privilege as well as a challenge to provide the best possible care for this important community.

The whole city of Tsefas is mourning over the sudden death of Shabbsy Cobin z'l. He left this world a few days after the conclusion of sheva brochos for his son. Shabbsy Cobin was a pillar of our community. His Torah, chessed and yiras Shomayim were unsurpassed and Tsefas will not be the same without him.


The Tent of Simcha that has Turned into a Tent of Mourning
by Esther Heller
Seven blessings, overflowing sasson,
the joy that pours beyond the vessel
tent of simcha, gila, rina
hearts dancing to the thrill of new creation.

The tent is ripped
joy flees down a hidden drain
like water vanishing in a drought
joy has run off, was commanded to leave,
dancers, transformed into mourners,
chuppa, now kever,
seven days of bracha, now seven days of shiva.

How do we hold onto a world
that collapses in the blink of an eye?
The world spins beyond our control,
beyond our might.
We cannot clutch a spinning world
we can only hold onto each other
in a journey we were not meant to comprehend.

The mourners of Tzion will someday rejoice,
hearts breaking, their tears pour beyond their vessels.
Hold on, hold out, till the storm passes,
for another minute, another day,
for another choking gasp of prayer.

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