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Gala Siyum HaShas in Melbourne Australia

by Yated Ne'eman Australian Correspondent

Close to a thousand people packed the Carlton Crest Hotel on Sunday night 18 Adar I to attend the Melbourne Siyum HaShas. People from all walks and strands of life from the frum community participated at the festive meal held in the honor of those completing Shas.

The guest speaker was Rabbi Noach Aizik Oelbaum from Kew Garden Hills. He mesmerized the audience with his moving examples of the power of learning Torah.

He said that although previously you could have mitzvah Yidden, that is Yidden who could remain Jewish just by keeping mitzvos, nowadays that's not enough. Mitzvas are compared by the posuk in Mishlei to a candle, but a candle is blown out even by a relatively mild wind. In contrast, if even a pretty strong wind blows on a raging fire, the blaze will only get stronger and spread.

In the previous century the winds were not strong and people could survive with the candle of mitzvos. Today, with the raging winds of today's decadence, Jewish education is not a luxury — it is a must.

Rabbi Nojowitz of Kollel Beth HaTalmud and Rabbi Binyomin Cohen recited Tehillim. Rabbi Binyomin Wurtzburger of Kollel Beth HaTalmud gave an introduction to the evening.

HaRav Beck of the Adas Yisroel Kehilloh recited the Hadran with spontaneous dancing breaking out after the special siyum Kaddish. The whole hall danced together, uniting all types of Jews in the simchah of completing Shas.

A special award was given to the major sponsor of the evening Mr. Gary Schmidt, who felt himself that a commitment to just mitzvos nowadays, with the wind of the world blowing so strong, is not enough: one must learn Torah to withstand it successfully. He began to learn Daf yomi and it was only natural for him to sponsor the evening.

It has been a while since such a kiddush Hashem and kovod haTorah was seen on the shores of Australia.

A few days earlier, on Wednesday the 23rd of February, Sydney Jews celebrated the siyum haShas in Central Shule hall, and the number of Daf Yomi shiurim since that evening has tripled.

Kein yirbu!


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