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Gravestones Smashed in London Cemetery

By Arnon Yaffeh, Paris, and ITIM

Gravestones were shattered and overturned and swastikas spray- painted along with the words, "A Jewish child dead, ha, ha . . . " at the old Westham Jewish cemetery in East London's Jewish quarter. "The shocking face of antisemitism," wrote the Independent, printing photos of the desecrated grave on the front page. The cemetery was been totally silent for the past 150 years since it was built by the Jewish community.

The main victim of the vandalism attack was a plot for the sons of one of the barons from the Rothschild family, a symbol of Jewish wealth in Europe. A member of the London Chevra Kadisha assessed the damage, saying the vandals had shattered children's graves.

According to the Independent, neo-Nazis, skinheads and Muslims have been behind the recent attacks on Jewish cemeteries. They are identified according to the way they draw swastikas. In Westham the swastika was drawn backward, pointing to young Arabs. Local Jews say it could have been anyone.

The police have not been trying very hard to find the culprits. Detectives gathered findings at the cemetery and made an appeal to the public to step forward with any known information.

The last incident of cemetery vandalism in England took place a few days earlier in Manchester. A wall in the East End was painted with the words, "Yid out," an expression borrowed from the antisemitism of Continental Europe. The spokesman for the community's security organization said the attacks on cemeteries take place often, regardless of the situation in the Middle East, although incitement in Muslim neighborhoods continues unabated.

Today the East End's Jewish quarter is occupied by Muslims. Not a single Jew remains. They were followed by skinheads, who were followed by Muslim immigrants. The botei knesses have been converted into mosques. The recent local elections brought in George Galloway, who supported Saddam Hussein and Palestinian terror organizations who fires up the atmosphere by patrolling the streets surrounded by Arab bodyguards.

Just one day earlier 140 gravestones were shattered and toppled over in the Jewish cemetery of Budapest. Antisemitic writings were painted on some of the gravestones.

Israel's ambassador to Hungary, David Edmond, says the local police hoped to arrest the perpetrators within a day or two. The Mayor of Budapest announced the city would donate money to renovate the local cemetery and expressed shock and dismay over the incident. The heads of the Hungarian Jewish community condemned the act and expressed hopes the perpetrators would soon be arrested.


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