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A Mission to Spread Daas Torah

Yated Ne'eman is not just another newspaper run by Torah observant people. Such newspapers adopt the general journalistic model of a primarily profit-driven organization that provides information services, albeit with the welcome restrictions of providing only material that is within the bounds of halochoh and of decency. These organizations' main aim is to provide monetary profits for their owners, and they do it by providing information of various kinds to the Torah observant community.

A Cell Phone in the Beis Medrash is like an Idol in the Mikdosh
By HaRav Avrohom Yitzchok HaKohen Kook

This shmuess was given in response to the gathering of the rabbonim and their call to banish cell phones from yeshivas.

Derech Sichah

Excerpts from the sefer of that name selected by R' A. Chefetz — a book of stories and conversations of HaRav Eliahu Mann with HaRav Chaim Kanievsky arranged according to the parshas hashovu'a.

On the Road: Guarding Your Property When You're Stuck For Shabbos
by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis

Tony's Bowling Alley

One Friday about twenty years ago I was on the subway, seemingly with plenty of time to arrive at my destination before Shabbos. Suddenly, there was a screech . . . The train came to an abrupt halt. Technical difficulties. I looked at my watch; there was still ample time to get to my destination.

Budget Support in Exchange for Children's Allowances

By E. Rauchberger

Since the Likud rebels are not expected to come through for him, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon needs Shas in the coalition to get the budget passed. Without a budget there is no government, no coalition and certainly no disengagement, but rather elections and a bid by Netanyahu for leadership.

Apartment Prices and Costs in Beit Shemesh

To The Editor:


I was quite surprised to see, in a recent article which describes an affordable payment plan for newly married couples, prices quoted in Beit Shemesh as being $100,000. It may be worthwhile, when giving advice to young couples, to ensure that a false impression is not given to them.

About US President Bush

To the Editor:

You wrote (Jan. 26) in "An Inauspicious Beginning," that "for most Americans today, what they want is nothing more than simple physical enjoyment, and getting their way just means that they have access to the particular pleasures that they prefer. . . . Is this the freedom that George Bush champions? This is not ideals and values but precisely the opposite."

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