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80 Percent of High Court Rulings Inconsistent With Jewish Values

By Betzalel Kahn

On the very day the High Court issued an anti-religious ruling regarding conversion, Manof — The Center for Jewish Information published a comprehensive study on the High Court's rulings as they relate to Jewish issues. The central figure emerging from the study: 80 percent of High Court rulings are against Judaism. The comprehensive study was conducted over the course of a year by a team of Manof jurists. The study examined over 8,700 High Court rulings of which 185 touched on religious issues during the past nine years.

The study findings reveal that the number of anti-religious High Court decisions during the past three years was nine times the number of pro-religious decisions, and during the past nine years the percentage of anti-religious rulings has increased from 53 percent to 80 percent.

The study showed a clear correlation between the judges' personal religious views and their rulings on religious issues. Typically, religious judges ruled the opposite of their secular colleagues although ostensibly both rely on the letter of the law. Eighty percent of the judges have a liberal-secular worldview, while only 40 percent of the Jewish population of Israel is secular. (Seventy-five percent of the judges are Ashkenazim.) Sixty-five percent of the rulings by secular judges were unfavorable to Judaism, compared to 31 percent of the rulings by religious judges.

The authors of the study said that the recent High Court ruling in favor of recognizing Reform and Conservative conversions performed abroad "joins the current trend in the High Court's rulings according to which in issues associated with religion and the religious the High Court adopts a clear stance against religion. The High Court sees itself as a formative leadership body with a radically anti-religious ideology."

The study shatters the myth of objective judicial process, showing that 64 percent of High Court decisions on religious issues during the past nine years were opposed to Judaism. The study also found 80 percent of rulings favored secularist changes to the status quo regarding religion.


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