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Getting Along With the Shadchan

By Rebbetzin Nomi Travis

Question: ". . . my own experiences with shadchonim were mostly bitter..." Piah*

Repaying a Debt
by Chedva Ofek

Part II Synopsis: Mrs. Bloom and Mrs. Rivka Rabinowitz's mother, Rachel, were friends from before the Holocaust. Upon the celebration of her friend's retirement, Mrs. Bloom comes and makes a devastating confession.

It's Not Fair!
by L. Raffles

Fairness - a lesson for children and adults

"If a person has a 'bee in his bonnet' about fairness, then he or she will have a very unhappy life".

Nothing Can Stop US

by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein, Jerusalem

It does not seem to matter where we are living nor what is happening in the world around us, most of us are going to say, at least once or twice a month, "I have a Kiddush to go to this week."

The Peter Pan Syndrome
by A. Ross

He was the youngest in a family of eleven children, who all doted on him. In holiday time, when the big boys were home from yeshiva, they vied with each other over who could dress him, feed him, and bathe him. Six years went by, two siblings got married, and Yossi was still the family pet. They still dressed him and spoon-fed him.

Music to Soothe the Last-Minute Dash

Once again, tears welled up in my eyes as I lit my Shabbos candles just minutes before sunset. No matter how hard I tried to finish my preparations early, something always came in the way to disrupt my good intentions. I humbly called a few friends to get some advice and chizuk, and was sadly surprised to hear them admit that they, too, slide in at the last minute.

DETECTING A STROKE — a Public Service Article

An eminent neurologist recently said that when the following procedures are applied, the side effects of cerebral strokes may be totally reversed.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

A recent article in the Yated stated that ingesting large amounts of vitamin C can help against colds. I just wanted to comment that this theory has largely been disproven. I happened to hear Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling speak on this subject, but later research has shown this not to be too helpful.


Villanelles are a 19th-century French form, 19 lines long, with only two rhymes.Two specific lines repeat throughout the poem according to a formula; the rhyme scheme is as follows: "aba aba aba aba aba abaa."

The Western Wall
by Mindy Aber Barad

When I pray at the Western Wall
Despite the empty seats, I stand
A supplicant - insignificant and small

My inner voice grows louder as I call
And reach for Him with outstretched hand
When I pray at the Western Wall

Full of hope beside the ancient rocks, I push away the pall
And listen, ears wide open, for G-d's command
A supplicant - insignificant and small

My heart beats so fast, I am anxious that I might fall
In this open-air synagogue, both humble and grand
When I pray at the Western Wall

Because my voice is joined to others, I am so tall
That I have the courage and forthrightness to demand
Although a supplicant - insignificant and small

I want our dreams to come true, once and for all
Let no others lay claim to this land
Hear me, a supplicant, insignificant and small
When I pray at the Western Wall.

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