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Ten Tips for Enjoying Your Children Even More
by Elisheva Nadler

1. EYE CONTACT -- Remember to look at the face of your beautiful children both when they speak to you and when you speak to them!

Ask the Shadchan
by Rebbetzin Nomi Travis

QUESTION: What should girls look for in a shidduch?

We live in a society that doesn't lack Torah institutions. A high value is placed on Torah learning. There is no question that Torah learning is a must for a bayis ne'eman. So when I ask what the girls are looking for, I'm not surprised that they answer: hasmodo -- diligence and yiras Shomayim.


A letter from Sept. 4:

Re: "A Blessing in the House" relates that the only letter of the alef-beis missing from Bircas Hamozon is the phei. This is not true -- in the very first blessing we find the word "umepharnes."

by A. Ross, M.Ed.

The title word means a fear of anything new. Recently, scientists have discovered that certain eating disorders stem from an early childhood refusal to eat specific foods. Some adults have a mental condition which causes them to fear the consumption of certain foods, ranging from meat to various types of vegetables. They are afraid that these foods might taste bad or that they are actually spoiled.

Rainy Day Blessings
by Ruth Fogelman

It is a nice, rainy day when the dryer stops working. Well, it isn't that it actually stopped working: a strong smell of gas fills the small bathroom cum laundry room, even with the window open, and the gas tap had to be closed. An American dryer without a gas supply is as good as broken.

Not Suitable
by A. Flam

Smadar adjusted the tablecloth for the fourth time and, glancing out of he window, she once again put the fruit bowl in the center of the table. She could hear the birds chirping in the oncoming darkness and a few lamps cast their light onto the deserted cobblestone path leading to her house. The pale curtains swayed as a pleasant breeze freshened the kitchen. But Smadar couldn't enjoy it; she was too worried.

Keep Smiling
Short inspirational pieces by Avrohom Tzvi Schwartz, Kiryat Sefer, author of "A Handful of Light", "Hearts on Fire" and his latest, "Be Happy and Succeed."

It Depends

What would you rather be: wise or happy?

Splitting the Sea

by Tamar Ansh

A collection of real-life, inspiring, and often miraculous shidduchim stories

I read the book before I met the author at the Tzefat Writers' Conference this month. And that's why I eagerly offered to do a review in exchange for a complimentary copy. It's a book I'd like to own, to have around, to refer to when occasional people come to the house asking for help in their shidduchim.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

A correspondent asks about the difference between antibiotics. This is an extremely broad topic that we have tackled before. Some antibiotics kill the bacteria, and some just prevent reproduction so the body can kill them on its own.


by Frieda Walden

When we bake challah
we witness Adam's creation.
Skin is never more satin
than yeast dissolved,
transformed by dust
of sieved flour
into flexible dough.

A segulah for easy birth,
kneading teaches confidence
in pliancy of flesh.
Our knuckle punch bears
down like the baby's head.
The dough tautens,
then slowly subsides.
Wait and count.

Veiled modestly,
dough rises in private.
We entwine Holiness
as third strand in braid,
brushed with egg
sprinkled with seeds.

At the moment of birth,
notice He enters the room:
His power hovers
draws that first cry,
then humbly vanishes.
Another life launched.

Ready-made challos,
delivered in cartons
on Jerusalem pavements,
tell of manna dropped
close to righteous tents.

Home-made challos
tell of our mother, Sarah,
within the Tent.

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