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Re: Reluctant Review of Miracle Next Door (Parshas Vayigash)

Dear Editor,

I fully appreciate that a book like The Miracle Next Door is no bowl of cherries to review. However, there were some issues in your review that both Yona and I felt had to be addressed.

It is obvious that the Ribbono Shel Olom is central in this story of Yona and Yisroel Meir and how she has accepted, with love and joy, her beloved son, with all his medical problems. In your review, Hashem is not mentioned even once. (See excerpted review written by a non-Jew, below.)

Another point which is misleading is your assumption, from just looking at the photos, that Yissie is presently riding a bike, swimming and walking. To my great sorrow, he is not as yet capable of doing any of these things. In the picture, he is seated on a special bike, belted into the seat, with someone hovering nearby. He can't pedal the bike.

As far as swimming, he is in the pool for hydrotherapy, wears floats and is carefully supervised by two people — his mother and the instructor. He has just started standing alone in the pool. As far as walking, he can't keep his balance and has to be supported under the arms in order to walk. He can never even be left standing alone.

Boruch Hashem, he has come a long way since he had a trache, was constantly connected to an oxygen tank, couldn't eat and had to be repeatedly rushed to the hospital with life- threatening emergencies.

We pray that he will indeed fulfill all your prophecies. Despite your "happy ending" being premature, we feel that the real message of the book and of Yissie's life is a joyous one. Our emphasis is on the spiritual journey and the closeness to Hashem.

Thanking you, sincerely,

Malka Adler

(author of the book in conjunction with Yona Yakobovitz, the heroine)

And a non-solicited testimonial from a non-Jewish reader, included in Malka's letter:

"I got Yona's book last Friday and stayed up until 1 a.m. that night with it. I skimmed through first . . . looking at every picture and then began to read every page and use the glossary . . .

Well, it is one of the most moving, inspirational, captivating books I have ever read. This book reinforced my feeling that G-d does handpick the parents when He has a little one with problems to find a place for.

Mimi Barden

Incidentally, to make the review less reluctant for the readers, Miracle Next Door is No. 14 on a chareidi Best Seller List!


From a reader in Kiryat Sefer who doesn't have a dryer.

"I laid out my children's clothing, including tricot underwear and cotton socks, on a collapsible laundry rack in my living room, and then turned a fan on. No, not the heater. By morning, all was dry, with a minimum of electricity expended."


Note: fans are also excellent for drying washed floors.


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