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Not Alone
by Eli Or

Did you ever stop to think of how sad the weddings must have been in R' Akiva's time?

My Child, My Treasure
a true story

Part II


The second child born to the Erenfeld's was diagnosed with cerebral palsy with left hemiplegea. The family decides, for various reasons including shidduchim prospects, to keep his existence a secret from the outside world. And so it remains until Yehudis, a first grader, blurts out the secret inadvertantly in class.

Do You Remember?
by A. Ross, M.Ed

Most siblings fight or at least disagree to some extent, during childhood. My brother and I were no exception. Now, looking back, we cannot even remember what those fierce fights were all about. However, we still disagree about what happened in our youth.

A Ride to Remember

a true story By Miri Greengold

If you asked my son what was the most exciting thing he ever did during his childhood, I should hope that he would have more than one tale to tell. But if you asked me what was the most exciting thing that I ever did during his childhood, I would recall a certain Lag B'Omer afternoon, many years ago, when an Egged bus driver gave us a ride to remember.

If the Shoe Fits
by Bayla Gimmel

There is an old expression, "If a poor man eats a chicken, you know that one of them was sick." In the same vein, when someone talks to a friend about an issue that is troubling the speaker, you know that at least one of them needs strengthening in this matter.

Common Thread
by Rosally Saltsman

I had the displeasure of witnessing a meeting between my landlord, their previous tenant, both sides' lawyers and a court-appointed appraiser. I had to witness it because it was taking place in my apartment. Having no choice and having finished straightening up, reading the paper and saying Tehillim, I observed the proceedings from my perch on the living room couch. It was sort of like watching a play, a drama unfolding, conflict, spicy dialogue, angst, recriminations.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

What about heavy metals in herbal medicines? I have spoken on the subject of herbal medicines in the past. For one thing, being natural is no guarantee of safety. After all, poison ivy is a natural product, as well. Chinese medicines are especially problematic, but all herbal preparations are not well controlled and may have impurities. Don't take chances.

Better Bones Through Diet
by Dr. Reuven Bruner, PhD

To help keep bone mass high and to help lessen the risk of fractures and bone loss, keep this nutritional information in mind:

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