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Availing Yourself of What's There
Extra Help for Hachnossas Kalla

by W.S.

Pooling Information

Yonina Hall has offered some excellent advice over the past year on saving money on simchas. There is plenty of help to be gotten out there. The problem with some families is that they are too embarrassed to avail themselves of it or to even inquire what IS available. One of the keys to functioning smoothly, efficiently at the most savings -- is information. This can be a tremendous boon.

Ask your friends. Ask your daughters' friends and their mothers. Ask at school what funds or foundations or lists are available and -- most important of all -- which of these are worth pursuing, since you may be inundated with names and addresses and may end up wasting endless time on wild goose chases. A few pertinent phone calls can save you lots of time, money and energy.

Much of the help available for kallos is not publicized, and information is ONLY gained by word of mouth. But we would like to print up some of it for the benefit of YATED families establishing new young homes and households.


There is a KEREN HACHNOSSAS KALLA that distributes quilts, pillows and towels, all new, to: KALLOS ONLY. Orphans, single parent families, divorcees getting remarried, girls from families of nine children and up [do not apply if you have only 8!], girls studying in Baalos Tshuva seminaries such as Neve Yerusholaim, EYHAT, Nevat Bayit, Netiv Bina and other recognized schools. Also for families that have special needs children.

The distribution takes place every Tuesday afternoon between 2-4 at Rechov Panim Meirot 1, one flight down, door is open. You need not call in advance. Out-of-towners can arrange for a different time at 02-5372303.

BRING a wedding invitation and a letter of recommendation if you have one. Necessary for Baalos Tshuva from their school.

KALLOS IN BNEI BRAK are not eligible since there are foundations there. Call Esther Edri for local information. 03- 578-3471.

IN BEITAR contact Rebbetzin Auerbach.


Your local Chareidi directory will provide you with a wealth of information on loaning all kinds of things from flower arrangements to dresses for the sisters-of-the-bride to candlestick holders for the chuppa, and many more services.

This includes entire listings for wedding gowns, but many of these call themselves gemachs, yet charge high prices.

There is a comprehensive list of help called BEER MIRIAM which can be obtained for free by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Beer Miriam, Family Mizrachi at 33 Tachkemoni St., Jerusalem. Many listings may be dead-ends, so don't pin too many hopes on these.


There is a gemach for Sheva Brochos clothing for the Kalla, second-hand, but exclusive, nominal fee, for eligibles, somewhat like the criteria above. You need a letter of recommendation. For an appointment, call 02-580- 8498.

FOR USED FURNITURE - a clearing house with many current offers of appliances and furniture. Called Nitei Kana, at 02- 538-5078.

Also: Yad Eliezer at 02-5813370 and ask for Zehava.

New Sheitels @ 100 shekel at Medlov, 6519285.


Many mothers of chassanim are not aware that their sons' yeshivos have TATim (Tomchei Torah funds) which provide outright money grants as well as discount prices or credit slips for new clothing! Don't be embarrassed to ask!


The Jerusalem COMMUNITY BULLETIN also has an extensive updated listing which includes wedding gown gemachs; White Kalla Shoe Gemach; purchase of robes, small appliances etc. at reduced prices and so on. Get your copy by calling 02- 651-0732 or FAXing 02-651-0695.

YATED would like to make this a more comprehensive list, so call in your successes -- and your failures -- and any other tips you would like to pass to others in your HAPPY situation. Call YATED office and ask for Leah Weisman: 03-617-0800.


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