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by Ruth Lewis

The Milsteins lived in the house just back of ours. In fact, Mrs. Milstein's father, Mr. Levine, was a builder and had built both houses. They were identical, except that ours was white brick and theirs was red brick. No one noticed this, though, because the front entrances were on two different streets.

Three Lost Chances
by Yisca Shimony

ELUL! Kol Dodi Dofek.

Opportunity knocks, but we don't always answer the door in time...

Wishful Thinking
adapted from a piece by Chaim Walder

Some while back, I wrote a comparison about two adjacent poverty-stricken neighborhoods divided by a road: Meah Shearim and Musrara. A study carried out in the sixties showed that of the 2-16 age group in Musrara, there was a ninety percent juvenile delinquency crime rate!

Computers are Not Child's Play
by T. Katz

The long summer break for girls and even the short break for boys are a sure recipe for "Ima, I'm bored," endless quarrels and frayed nerve ends. What is the solution for those who don't think beyond just-give-me-some-peace-and-quiet-before-I- lose-my-marbles?

The Spin-Off

It would have to be a swift and successful maneuver with no glitches.

Pennee Lauders puts on her new Thinking Cap

Children Draw
by A. Ross

Writing and drawing are part of the fine motor skills which include pasting, cutting out, molding playdough etc. Some children take longer than others to develop these skills and as in all other areas of development, there is no absolute date when a child should be doing this.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

I was asked to write about coronary bypass. Bypass surgery used to be a lot more common, but new stents that open and keep open clogged heart arteries make this surgery less common. Stents are inserted into the arteries through cardiac catheterization -- tzintor in Hebrew.

Smart Health Facts!
by Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

A key factor in maintaining optimal health is avoiding the damaging fats found in many foods. These include saturated fats, and partially hydrogenated fats, which also are known as trans-fatty acids. Saturated fats in high-fat meat and dairy products raise cholesterol levels, which increases risk for cardiovascular disease. Hydrogenated fats are even worse!


Two by Tzipora Zien

Great is Your Steadfastness!

While weeding in my plot one sunny hour
I spotted one green slip among the rest,
Which, though it didn't seem to be a flower,
I hesitated from its berth to wrest.

Its foliage was delicate and tender,
Indeed, it looked like miniature palm,
I took it and replanted it with wonder
What would become of these miniscule fronds?

By evening, it had folded all its branches,
Those tiny leaflets, centimeters long,
Throughout the night I calculated, "Chance is
It won't survive." Did I do something wrong?

Next day awoke and unfurled all its members,
This plant, and till today its tasks remembers!

Rising with the Sun

A garden filled with beds of lovely blooms!
A hedge of foliage and buds galore!
The gardener gets up each day and zooms
Out to the yard to cultivate some more!

"His thumb is green, no doubt," the neighbors say.
"His loving care and watering succeed
For he attends each plant without delay,
He guides each tendril and removes each weed."

The morning glories trumpet with the dawn
Announcing entrance of the sun so bold,
And flashy marigolds do edge the lawn
As yellow, orange, maroon the gems unfold!

How seldom would we need to ask for pardon
Were raising sons like nurturing the garden!

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