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The Gifts of Giving and Receiving
by Mikimi Steinberg

Did you ever look at children's faces when they open a gift? The sheer anticipation and excitement and curiosity as they remove the wrapping paper?

Pesach Principles
by D. P.

It was all very logical and reasonable. The only problem was, it didn't work.

The Beggar's Costume
by Sara Gutfreund

The laughter of a thousand masks falling away...

They're All Winners
by A. Ross, M.Ed.

When team captains choose a team, they each pick a player in turn, till they get to the few nerds who are invariably chosen last. These `nerds' frequently shine academically, and are self confident enough in their other abilities not to feel too badly about their lack of prowess in physical abilities. Unfortunately, there will always be a few who do not excel in any domain. What happens to their self- esteem?

I Discover America
by Rivka Glick

It was about thirty-five years ago, a few days before Purim. Nachy, our firstborn, was not quite three months old, and -- despite being exhausted from sleepless nights, and feeling rushed and stressed out from the mishloach monos preparations that were yet to be started, I decided that our son absolutely needed a Purim costume.

Keep Smiling

Short inspirational pieces by Avrohom Tzvi Schwartz, Kiryat Sefer, author of A Handful of Light, Hearts on Fire and other works on Mussar and Hashkofa

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

More letters. I was asked about sleep disorders. This problem can be first broken down into fatigue -- meaning tired, but weak -- and sleepy which means more along the lines of losing contact with the surroundings and even falling asleep during the day.

Burning Questions!
By Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

If a cookie contains 100 calories, anyone who eats it consumes 100 calories.

But the other side of the energy equation isn't that simple. When it comes to burning off calories, people who do the same activity at the same pace for the same amount of time can burn vastly different numbers of calories, depending on their size.



by Drora Matlofsky

I am a Toothache.
I come and visit you
Each time you eat something cold,
Just to tell you there is a problem.
It's up to you to decide:
Will you do anything about me?

Are you going to let me nudge
and nudge
And get stronger
And stronger?

So, you've chosen to live with me
As a least discomfort.
I annoy you, but you are used to me
And you are afraid of a greater pain.
I am your familiar pain,
An old annoying relative
You don't want to part with.


[Shades of Pesach cleaning -- old photo albums, notebooks etc.]

The Afghan

by Batya Nadel

She called it her memory afghan
The leftover yarn
From all the clothes she made me
Were there in many hues
And I am covered
From head to toe
In the warmth of the afghan
My mother made.


While Soaking an Infected Thumb

by Zipora Zien

Once left alone with right thumb in a brew,
My left one found the pen in hand anew,
And I was left to scribble thoughts askew!
While soaking thumb in soap, my patience grew.

The time has come great lessons to derive,
For solving problems keeps us all alive.
No doubt, slow healing curbs ambitious drives
To push or prod while we aim to survive.

Though all of us would happily succeed
We see that road is paved by haste and greed.
With caution and humility proceed!
Don't trample other hearts or souls in need!


[That time of the year when the pungency of fresh garlic permeates the air and people stock up on the long bulbed stalks for Pesach and the coming year of flavorful cooking

And as Tzipora reminds us -- like Purim drinking -- beware the aftermath...]


by Zipora Zien

Such pungency as man could ever know,
This bulbous growth with spear-like greenery,
Does clove for clove its potent taste bestow
On those who populate the scenery.

Though popular for flavoring a stew
Or adding zest to salad, soup or spread,
Beware the aftermath and pending rue
Of those who, faint of heart, abstain instead.

Delectably, this remedy maintains
A hearty reputation for the cure
Of multiple bacterial complaints
As well as parasitical manure.

It strengthens weak and sluggish human glands
And keeps the blood both thin and flowing strong.
What gain is there to cooking food that's bland
When adding this makes life improved and long?

Besides, if everyone imbibes and savors
This simple and delicious little clove,
They'd soon enjoy combining other flavors
To complement its virtues on the stove.

But if your friends refuse to share your tastes,
Deliberating how they might define
Your dear, beloved garlic-studded pastes
As fragranced, stench or simply telltale sign,

Then take this bit of wisdom and advice!
Hashem creates an equal antidote.
He asks us not our friends to sacrifice.
Fresh parsley chewed will clean the mouth and throat.

So join your friends in singing nature's praise!
Our great Creator filled His world with good!
Enjoy His gifts, which lengthen all your days,
Providing health in simple, daily food.

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