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New Transportation Ministry Pamphlet Available
by S. Fried

The Transportation Ministry recently issued an attractive pamphlet (in Hebrew) containing all the information on vehicle and driver's licenses needed by new and old drivers alike.

The pamphlet has numerous questions and answers that occupy drivers, bringing together for the first time all of the information in a clear, convenient and concise form. It also lists important phone numbers of related organizations.

Many of the questions and answers were based on inquiries directed at the Transportation Ministry Spokesman.

The pamphlet is now available in all of the licensing bureaus across the country in entranceways and waiting rooms for written license tests. The pamphlet it also available from the Transportation Ministry Spokesman upon request (POB 867, Jerusalem; tel. 02-6663190; fax 02-6663195).

The following excerpt was taken from the chapter on transfer of ownership: "The transfer of ownership stage is a critical moment in the purchase of a used vehicle. Extra caution should be taken to ensure the seller is indeed the owner of the vehicle and that the information on the vehicle matches what appears on the vehicle license and the writ of sale.

"How is ownership transferred?

"When a vehicle is sold the obligation to register the change in ownership is incumbent on both the seller and the buyer. The change in ownership must be registered within 15 days of the sale. Until the transfer of ownership is executed the vehicle remains registered under the seller's name and he is liable to receive reports, fines and impoundments.

"Vehicle ownership can be transferred at every post office branch connected to the Licensing Bureau computer. At the time of transfer a national ID card and vehicle license must be presented. If no restrictions were placed on the vehicle, impoundments or seizures, the permit will be given on the spot. Ownership can be transferred by another person through a power of attorney signed and attached to the license renewal notice, along with the ID cards of the authorized individual and the owners."


The written driver's test will soon be translated to Spanish following the recent wave of aliya from South America. The tests are currently available in Hebrew, English, French, Arabic and Russian.

Every year 200,000 written driver's tests are administered around the country. The Transportation Ministry's licensing department recently updated a considerable portion of the written exams. Three weeks ago the Ministry announced a tender for the writing and editing of a new study booklet to prepare for the written exam.


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