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3 Av 5764 - July 21, 2004 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly









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Now is the Time for Mourning

There are plenty of things in the world today for us to worry about. There is the general decline in morality of the West, which expresses itself in so many areas. The West is certainly sliding down a very slippery slope that can only end very unpleasantly, and we have at least an obligation to protest.

Behind the Stones: Connecting to the Temple's Destruction
by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis

Yirmiyohu's Tears

At the time of the Temple's destruction, while Yirmiyohu was sitting and weeping about the tragedy, he was approached by a Greek philosopher (some say Plato). The philosopher asked him, "You are known to be a very learned man; how can you cry about the fall of a few stones?" Yirmiyohu inquired of the Gentile scholar "In your discipline as a philosopher do you have any questions which remain unresolved?"

Desolate Hearts
by R' Yitzchok Kornblau

One of the things that happened on Tisha B'Av is that Yerushalayim was plowed under by the Romans. It always bothered me: Doesn't plowing the ruins of the Temple seem to pale in comparison to the other events which gave rise to the fast of Tisha B'Av?

The Idea of Bein Hazmanim: Relaxation, Not Diversion
by Rav Avrohom Hacohen Binder

Much ink has already been spilled to draw a distinction between "bein hazmanim" in yeshivas, and "summer break" for students or "vacation time" for employees. Yet following the strident voices always heard calling on bnei yeshiva to do military or civilian service or to do two weeks of military training--perhaps restricted to bein hazmanim alone--it is our task to shed more light on the subject.

Touring During Bein Hazmanim
by R' Yitzchok Roth

Two decades ago Maran HaRav Shach zt"l wrote, "Recently the walls of the towers that are the holy yeshivas have been breached and a number of talmidim (though only a very small minority) have turned the days when regular studies are not held in the yeshivas and whose main purpose is to rest and gather strength for raising the level of toil in Torah, into days for trips and similar havolim.

By E. Rauchberger

Coalitions and Castles in the Air

The recent tie on a no-confidence vote in a Knesset plenum for the second consecutive week led Ariel Sharon to lay forth all his options to set up a new, expanded coalition as soon as possible.

The Fish in the Cemetery -- the Real Story

To The Editor:

Hi, I read with much interest your 2 articles on Vienna and its past a few weeks ago. My grandfather, Mr. Charles (Klonimus) Richter comes from Vienna, so I faxed him a copy of your articles. Although he is bli ayin hora 96 years old, his mind is 100 percent sharp. He enjoyed the articles very much and remembered many of the stories and people mentioned.

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