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Arguing with Chareidi Educational Success

For an educational system, one important measure of success is if its graduates become functional, productive members of society. By this measure, the chareidi educational system has been very successful, as the overwhelming majority of the graduates find themselves fully prepared for life.

Just Scales to Judge Oneself
by HaRav Menachem Freiman

Part II

In preparation for and anticipation of the upcoming Mattan Torah.

In the first part, HaRav Freiman noted that Rashi cites two opinions of what Yisro heard that made him come to Bnei Yisroel in the desert: the splitting of Yam Suf and the war with Amolek. Rashi left out the third opinion of R' Elozor HaModa'i that Yisro heard about the giving of the Torah. Why was that? HaRav Freiman also cited the question asked about how the news of the war with Amolek caused Yisro to come. It does not say the victory over Amolek but the war itself. How did that attract Yisro?

Every Day Counts: Unusual Circumstances of Sefiras HaOmer
by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis

Keeping Track of Time

The Chasam Sofer was a Torah giant, and chidushim on Shas, Shulchan Oruch and Chumash, as well as many volumes of halachic responsa were among his numerous published works. He was both the rosh yeshiva and the rov of Pressburg, a city which was home to one of the largest yeshivas and communities of his day. Generations of Torah personalities descended from him, and even today his offspring continue on his path.

Ahavas Torah: Growing in Sefiras HaOmer
by Rabbi Yitzchok Baruch Fishel

There is a certain yungerman learning at Yeshivas Mir who, for more than twenty years, has a very special avodoh during Sefiras HaOmer. From Pesach to Shavuos -- every day of those seven weeks except for the first day of Pesach itself -- he takes one of the 48 ways by which one acquires Torah as listed in the sixth perek of Pirkei Ovos and does his best to embody it.

Politica: Hanegbi Makes Appointments
By E. Rauchberger

Internal Security Minister Tzachi Hanegbi surprised both police and the media with his decision to appoint Southern Region Commander Moshe Karadi, the youngest of all the major generals in the police force, to the post of police commissioner. Just 44 years old and in a few months he'll be Israel's top cop. But to those who know Hanegbi his choice should come as no surprise.

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