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Mrs. Chayah Freiman, o"h
By A. Cohen

A large crowd was on hand to accompany Mrs. Chayah Freiman o"h, who passed away in the US at the age of 103.

Born on 25 Elul 5661 (1901) in Hamburg, Germany to Rav Avrohom Heksher the grandson of HaRav Efraim Zanvil Heksher, a dayan in the Altona-Hamburg-Wansbeck kehilloh during the time of HaRav Yehonoson Eibeshitz and HaRav Yaakov Emden, zt"l, and the author of Levoyas Chen, Adnei Paz and Divrei Chachomim Vechidosom, which are cited in Pischei Teshuvoh and by other poskim. In this illustrious Torah home where she grew up she absorbed elevated middos that accompanied her throughout her lifetime.

In 5688 (1928) she married Rav Yisroel Meir Freiman, a descendent of the Oruch LaNer. They then moved to Frankfurt am Main, where they built a home founded on Torah and chessed.

When the Nazis came to power she spent Kristallnacht in Korna Platz, Frankfurt's main beis knesses, with her four children while her husband was in the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Afterwards she left for England with her four children, moving to New York a year later.

In New York her doors were always open to guests and she was willing to inconvenience herself for their sake. Until her final years many lonely, forlorn people would gather in her home on Shabbos to enjoy a true Shabbos table. Throughout her lifetime she fulfilled Chazal's advice of making the poor "members of your household."

Always a pillar of faith in all of the trials she had to undergo, she would accept them with love. Truth was her guiding light in every matter.

Recently she grew ill and returned her soul to her Maker after being purified through suffering. The levaya was held in the US and she was laid to rest at Har Hamenuchos in Jerusalem.

She is survived by her sons, HaRav Chaim Freiman, a prominent talmid chochom in Bnei Brak, HaRav Alexander Freiman of the US, three daughters, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren, all of whom perpetuate the spiritual legacy she handed down to them during her lifetime.


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