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Mrs. Leah Weinberger, o"h
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Mrs. Leah Weinberger o"h who dedicated herself for decades to the field of chareidi education in the US, was brought to rest in Jerusalem on Erev Shabbos parshas Chayei Soroh.

Leah Breindel Weinberger was born in the city of Kleinwardein (Kishuarda), Hungary to R' Naftoli Hertzke Lefkovitz and Raisel, the daughter of R' Nosson Grossman. As a child she lived with her family in Patenhaza and Heido Nanash in kehillos that kept mitzvos and customs exactingly through mesirus nefesh in an atmosphere permeated with pure yiras Shomayim and ahavas Torah. During her childhood she was sent with her whole family to the work camps, where she lived through all the horrors of the Holocaust. Through chasdei Shomayim she survived the war, after spending time at Theresienstadt.

In 5706 (1946) she moved to Eretz Hakodesh, where she studied with other Holocaust survivors at the Sarah Schenirer Institute in Bnei Brak. Later she married and built her home with the late R' Avrohom Weinberger, at first in the town of Azor and later in Bnei Brak.

Some forty years ago she moved to the US, where she began to dedicate her life to the exalted task of educating yaldei Yisroel in chareidi institutions. She lived in Cleveland for many years, earning a reputation as an outstanding educator and making a considerable contribution toward laying the building blocks of local institutions while the Cleveland kehilloh and Telz Yeshiva were developing. She served as an educator at the school founded by HaRav Nachum Zeev Dessler at the behest of HaRav Eliyoh Meir Bloch and HaRav Chaim Mordechai Katz.

In Cleveland she became known as an exemplar of elevated middos who expressed tremendous mesirus nefesh and warmth to her students, viewing her primary mission to impart bnos Yisroel with a traditional Jewish education. She would invite students encountering difficulties in their studies to her home, where she would assist them with no personal gain in mind, but rather out of a sense of unlimited dedication to her students.

Her home was a center for hachnosas orchim and a beis vaad for the talmidei chachomim of Cleveland and elsewhere, who were greatly impressed by the Jewish warmth pervading their home.

After her husband, who also worked in the field of education, passed away, she moved to Minneapolis to live near her daughter and son-in-law. There too, she continued to fulfill her mission as an educator, helping the community build local institutions and continuing her efforts to educate bnos Yisroel.

In recent years she suffered from a serious illness from which she never recovered, but even during this period after undergoing difficult medical treatments she would return to her work to the best of her ability with a smile on her face and joy in her heart.

The levaya set out from the US and she was brought to rest in Jerusalem about one hour before the beginning of Shabbos Chayei Soroh. Mrs. Leah Weinberger o"h is survived by her brothers and sisters, her son and two daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren following the path of Torah.


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