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Yerusholayim of Yore
A Very Special Contract

by Sarah Mendelson
Taken from the Hebrew, Shomrei Hagechelet, by the author

Tzirl stood motionless in the dark street. She was holding her baby tightly in her arms. The infant looked at his mother with huge bewildered eyes, whimpering and crying. Hearing the baby's cries, Tzirl looked down at him and then around her, and realized she was not alone. Her husband, R' Tuvia, stood nearby in this dark alley. Though it was midday, darkness enveloped them. The Felsher family, R' Tuvia, Tzirl and their children, were now heading to the Kosel, and all along the long way, Tzirl felt this walk was not what she had expected. She felt an oppression settling on her...

a story by Shira Shatzberg

"Thou shalt not take the Name of Hashem in vain...

"Thou shalt not bear false witness..."

`Emess', the seal of the A-mighty

Don't Touch
by A. Ross, M.Ed.

"And Hashem said to Moshe... Take heed that you go not up into the mountain, or touch the border or it..." Insights on the sense of touch.

Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others. Ever watch a fly crawl along your arm? Now you feel it, now you don't. Hypersensitivity and treatment. Shaving cream, anyone?

The Protea
by Gita Gordon

Along with the milk and honey, we also associate Shavuos with flowers and, hopefully, the blossoming of our own spiritual growth after seven weeks of germination and preparation.

Man of Letters
by Rosally Saltsman

Countdown to the end of the year. What have we, as parents, learned?

A correspondence course in derech eretz and education.


Shnei Luchos Habris -- Love for Hashem / Love for Fellow Man

For Love
by Ziporah Zien

As day to day we rise to do our chores,
A sense of duty carries us along.
We wash the dishes, sweep and scrub the floors,
Accompanied by sorry, plaintive song.

Why is the weather hot today and sticky?
Why must the children trample where I scrub?
Why must the neighbor ladies be so cliquey?
I really just don't care to scour the tub!

As soon as I clean up there comes a deluge.
The children mess the room with wanton glee.
Whenever will I find a quiet refuge
Where I can rest and blossom into me?

Yet, somewhere deep inside we seem to fathom
That something great is wrong with these complaints.
We're out of touch; we've reached a gaping chasm.
Let's take a long, deep breath and set restraints.

We never know exactly why we suffer.
In general, it's all for our own good.
The truest love will set up its own buffer
To hinder us from harming what we could.

Two ways exist, which our Creator shows us,
To access strength and never-ending charm.
One way is helping anyone who knows us.
The other, to refrain from doing harm.

In truth, we can improve our false conjecture
By blocking harmful thoughts which may occur.
Just substitute a verse of Psalm or Scripture
These gems of spirit all of us prefer.

Such thoughts which come from early generations
Connect us with our saintly fathers' past.
When heads are full of holy ruminations
Then speech will flow with attitudes recast.

A shift in focus preferably will follow.
Our obligations should be well defined.
To honor Him we have to love our fellow,
To serve Him, keep our thoughts and deeds aligned.

So when we scrub the floor and wash the dishes,
Remember we are `helping' Him to raise
These children to comply with all His wishes,
Their conduct follows ours in all our ways.

There's one more thing He's bound to ask tomorrow
Depending on the moods that you've displayed.
"Did you pay Me for talents that you borrowed?
Did you serve Me with love from day to day?"

On earth there's no one else who loves you better.
He hears your prayers; wipes away your tears.
He grants you all your needs down to the letter.
He heals your wounds; erases all your fears.

We're showered with the Love of our Creator
From early dawn until the end of night.
We would do well to strive both soon and later
To love Hashem with all our heart, our might.

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