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Make Your Daughter's Bas Mitzva a Meaningful One
by Yonina Hall

Part I

"Mazel tov!" everyone says when your daughter reaches her bas mitzva. What makes this simcha so special?

A Foretaste of Things to Come

by Anni Rephun Fruchter

That Shabbos morning, I awoke early. A pale sun had just risen as I washed neigelwasser and said the brochos. As I marched past the wohnzimmer I heard Mutti: "Mendel, the child wants so much for you to go ONE Shabbos to the Fromme Shul..."

Dieting as a Moshol
by Chasya G.

As a perpetual dieter, I must have lost tens of kilos over the years. Aside from the health and esthetic aspect (gufniyus), I realized that dieting is also a matter of ruchniyus when I heard of a diet group called Avodas Hamiddos, with the double entendre of measurement-size and not only good character measures.

Why Leave it to Memory?
by Chaya Levine and Nechama Berg

A true story. One afternoon when the kids ran to a friend's house to play, I sat down on the couch to relax and I was so tired that I actually fell asleep. A short while later the phone rang. It was an important message for my husband. I thanked the caller, hung up the phone and somehow drifted off to sleep for a few more minutes. Then the kids ran back in and I got off the couch and resumed my daily activity. The phone call was completely forgotten.

On the road to self improvement
Don't Cross the Road

by M. Ross

She had a baby some time ago, at the same time as you did. Unfortunately, there were complications and something went wrong with the child. Now on your way out, relishing the sunshine and enjoying the feeling of pushing your little prince in his new carriage, you spot your erstwhile friend. Erstwhile? You feel a kind of embarrassment. You want to cross the road. What can you say?

Memorable Teachers
by A. Ross M.Ed

In my youth, teachers were venerated. In our eyes, they were super mortals, far above us. We used to watch them going into their sanctum, the staff room, with awe. What lessons did they bestow on us? What impact did they have on us which would influence and perhaps shape, the rest of our lives?

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Time to answer some letters. Someone asked about the cholesterol lowering drugs called statins. These were first introduced in 1986 with Mevacor which is now rarely used as we have improved a lot on these drugs, but nevertheless slated to be available without prescription soon.


Modah Ani
by Ziporah Zien

For the blanket, which wraps me in warmth...

For the snood, whose band drawn over my eyes brings instant relaxation...

For the raucously rattling alarm...

For the wintry gray dawn, which greets me...

For the bed, whose comfort I so reluctantly relinquish...

For the chilling water, which removes the last trace of the spirit which harms...

For the slippers, which cushion my step over the cold tiles...

For the robe, which replaces the blanket when I arise...

For the burner, which brings the kettle to boil...

For the Turks, who grind the coffee...

For the cup, which holds two without spilling...

For the sugar and milk, which temper the bitter brew...


For the boys, whose appreciation of bed and blanket rivals mine,

THANKS will never suffice,

For YOU bestow boundless blessings!


And at the other end of the day, when bed and blanket beckon, but the computer competes with the creative call...


An Appeal to Common Sense

by Ziporah Zien

Come finally to bed, dear Mom of mine,
The kitchen clock eleven hours has struck,
And weary, drooping as your powers decline,
You'll not succeed with more. Don't stretch your luck.

Perhaps you think the simple task at hand
You'd undisturbed soon finish and be done,
So stealthily you race against the sands
Of time as 'round the quiet house you run.

But every day is blessed with fitting measure,
You won't accomplish more than Heaven wills.
Don't in your running disregard the treasures
Of well earned rest, good health and other skills.

For all good things on earth there is a time,
So come to bed, lay down your head,
Dear Mom,
Forget your rhyme!

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