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Tovah Lev, Hy'd
by S. Bruchi

After succumbing to wounds sustained in the Route 2 bus bombing three weeks ago Tovah Lev Hy'd was buried last week, bringing the number of deaths to 23.

Tova Lev was born to HaRav Yosef Lev, zt"l, a veteran educator in the city of Bnei Brak, and her mother Channah. She attended the Bais Yaakov school in Zichron Meir and later continued her studies at the Rav Wolf Seminary.

After completing her studies she followed in her parents' footsteps as a teacher at the Mosdos Keren Hayeled and as a kindergarten teacher at the Neshei Agudas Yisroel kindergartens. She was totally devoted to her work and saw the task of educating yaldei Yisroel as a holy endeavor. In her work she passed on what she learned in her parents' home, a home of Torah and mesirus nefesh for the education of yaldei Yisroel for decades. In addition to her work as a teacher she dedicated her time to various chesed activities at the Vishnitz retirement home and with other elderly people in need of help.

She would recite her prayers carefully, one word at a time, pouring out her entreaties before the Rock of Ages. Her prayers revealed the yiras Shomayim she acquired. She would also study the Chofetz Chaim's works on shemiras haloshon and Pirkei Ovos with the commentaries.

Tova displayed extraordinary dedication to the mitzvah of kibbud av vo'eim, helping her mother extensively after her father's demise thirteen years ago.

Every Friday morning she would rise early to make ready to receive the Shabbos Queen, finishing all of the preparations by noon.

One of the central tenets of her life was maintaining modesty in her attire and conduct and making do with very little, traits that endeared her to her friends.

One month ago she traveled to Jerusalem to pray at the Kosel Maarovi. After Minchoh, while returning home she sustained grave injuries in the horrible blast. For over three weeks she suffered difficult yissurim that she accepted with love. On Friday morning she returned her soul, refined through yissurim, to her Maker.

HaRav Shmuel Auerbach was on hand at the levaya held Friday afternoon in Jerusalem. She was eulogized by her brothers, HaRav Meir Aryeh Lev, a rosh kollel in Jerusalem; HaRav Yaakov Lev, rosh kollel of Ateres Yosef in Kiryat Sefer; and HaRav Shimon Yehuda Lev, author of Zevach Shai. The three brothers bitterly mourned the loss, speaking of their late sister's great devotion to her parents, her modesty and her exemplary middos and noting she had the merit to die sanctifying the Name of Heaven, like her forefathers during the Holocaust. Loud weeping could be heard during the hespeidim as her brothers described how, following tefillas Minchoh, she had the merit to rise up like a korbon after returning from the place where the oloh and tomid sacrifices were offered.

She was buried in her family's plot at Har Hamenuchos.


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