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Adass Israel of Australia to Mark its 50th Year
by Yossi Fromer

Adass Israel Mosdos of Melbourne Australia are about to celebrate 50 years of providing a dynamic Torah life to the Melbourne chareidi community. It was the first chareidi kehilla to be established in Melbourne after the war.

To commemorate this milestone a dinner will be held at the Park Hyatt Hotel on the ninth of Adar (20th Feb.). The guest speaker is Rabbi Chaim Kaufman, the rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Tiferes Yaakov in Gateshead, U.K.

The Adass Israel School, located in Elsternwick, is today one of Melbourne's fastest-growing Jewish day schools. It was founded in 1952 by a group of Holocaust survivors who had only one driving ambition -- to educate their children with a guarantee that the unbroken chain of the Orthodox tradition would continue even on this faraway continent.

The founders of the school embarked upon a holy campaign to rebuild a kehilla similar to that which was destroyed by the Nazis in their lands of origin. This included a shul, mikveh, shechitah, kashrus services and chevrah kadishah and even the first Jewish cemetery in Australia, a complete set of services and facilities for the entire family. It was modeled on the Chasam Sofer derech. The main focus however, was always education. And for this purpose the Adass Israel School was established.

The school was founded based on the timeless principles of Torah-true Judaism, with each and every student given the opportunity to grow both academically and spiritually in a warm and nurturing environment.

Every aspect of the curriculum was to be permeated by a sensitivity and respect for steadfast Torah observance. The success of the founders can be seen in the fact that many of those enrolled today are third generation students of the Adass Israel school.

Having almost negligible funding, the school's beginnings were in a rundown wooden cottage with 15 students. Within eight years numbers had grown to such an extent that the school was forced to find new and larger premises and in 1960 it moved to its present site at King Street, Elsternwick. As numbers grew, the school continued to expand, purchasing additional properties to cater for this growth.

Today the school caters for around 500 students from kindergarten through secondary schooling.

There are four separate kindergartens providing preschool education to more than 100 boys and girls from the age of three. These are fully-accredited and provide the best facilities and staff to ensure the children are properly cared for and start their early childhood education in the best of traditions and environments. A visitor to any of the kindergartens is always delighted by the warm, happy and smiling faces of children so obviously enjoying their day and their environment.

The children continue at the school where each class has its own Jewish studies and secular studies teachers with programs designed to give the students the best possible grounding in both areas.

The boys' secondary program is unique among Jewish schools in Australia, offering a yeshiva ketanoh (without any limudei chol) from Year 10. This program prepares the students to further their Torah studies post-high-school in top yeshivos around the world. The course is designed to cater to the needs of each student, encouraging them to maximize their potential. The bochurim can be found in various Yeshivos around the world including Mir, Gateshead, Manchester, Gur, Belz, Lakewood, Philadelphia, Toldos Aharon and many more.

The girls' secondary course is geared towards an in-house seminary which runs through Years 11 and 12 and equips the senior girls with early childhood management and teaching skills leading to a diploma of Torah education. Graduates from the seminary are teaching at all levels at various girls' schools in Melbourne and overseas.

The seminary is the pioneer of a program where the girls are also trained in office management, culminating in a state- wide recognized certificate. The girls are also given the opportunity to learn skills that will enable them to take their rightful place in the community.

The shul is also a beehive of activity. From the vosikin minyan and onwards one can find many minyanim throughout the morning and evening. Two Daf Yomi shiurim are given during the day and a Kollel Baalei Batim for elderly citizens takes place during the day. A kollel is also housed in the premises, headed by Dayan Katz. The current rov of the Adass Israel Mosdos is HaRav Beck.

A journal to commemorate the vast achievements of Adass Israel Mosdos is being prepared. The commemorative committee are giving an opportunity for former students who are now living overseas and former kehilla members to send their best wishes or to honor their parents or rebbeim on this milestone. Ads can be emailed to


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