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Taking Things Apart
by R' Zvi Zobin

One of the most enjoyable and educational things you can buy your boy (and girl?) is a set of screwdrivers. Having done that, you also need to supply him with things to take apart. If you don't, you risk being greeted with a triumphant, "Look what I did, Abba!" and seeing the innards of your favorite appliance spread over the table.

The Boogies
by Yaffa Shepsel

It's that time of the year again, the unmentionable time when you're supposed to go about your unmerry way with a sigh, commiserating with each neighbor you meet on the stairway or by the grocer's, and reassuring one another that "everyone makes it to the finish line, the seder so let's just project ourselves that far and assume that we will make it too."

Pint-Sized Pearls of Wisdom
by KSR

As parents and teachers, we think of ourselves as being the givers and of children as the receivers. We teach them manners, language, life skills and good character traits. We rack our brains for ways to stimulate, inspire, and basically connect with our progeny and lead them in the life course we set out for them.

Going Overboard
by Rosally Saltsman

Over- and under- the financial rainbow. The pot o' gold lies in overbudgeting expenses and underbudgeting income.

The worst case scenario from overbudgeting is that you'll be left with some money and that's really the best case scenario in the final accounting.

The Black What?
by Pennee Lauders

Science is always coming up with the most amazing pieces of information. It seems that Hashem decides to grant the scientists a success or two on their way to proving that the Biblical blueprint is correct after all. They are all racing to figure out how the world began, is run, and will continue... before Moshiach arrives and takes the wind out of their sails.

The Carrot Tree
by Chava Dumas

Spring is here. Learn to appreciate life with fresh eyes. Capture the wonderment of Creation with a jaunt outside with your children, or even on your own windowsill!

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Before we continue our series, I must say a word about three new issues that are health concerns among Israelis. You all know about my usual points: stop smoking, buckle your children in the automobile, exercise and eat well, have children wear helmets while biking. I'd like to add some new ones.

Poet's Corner

Of Light and Life
A hymn by Z. Zien

How beautiful the quiet dawn
Which mute envelops rosy clouds
And bids the dew besprinkled lawn
To shake off night's old blackened shrouds.

O, gorgeous child, at break of light
Thy newborn smile's a pristine first,
Before it feels the body's might
Which longs to quench a lifelong thirst.

How you amaze, sun! Growing hope,
Which all the morning, bright and fresh,
Illuminates our world! Our scope
Is quickened! You inspire all flesh!

Unbashful child, who stops to see
All plants' and trees' diverse details,
Through your famed curiosity
We note, "Such wonders life entails!"

O, searing sun, whose ovens blaze,
Revealing fear of mutiny!
We hide from noon's relentless rays
And from broad daylight's scrutiny!

How, tender soul, you would explore
On wings of friendship, all of space.
Alas, hot competition's score,
Can curb your flight's determined pace.

Yet, after noon, the sun's decline
Encourages another look.
The softer shadow's longer line
Engraves a lasting, tender nook.

Dear striving couple, now you see
The love your parents gave to you
And you'll continue tenderly
To guide your precious retinue.

Yes, rosy clouds again appear
Reminding us of dawn's soft glow.
In quiet moments, mingle fear
And confidence, as twilight grows.

A lifetime's tales of pain and woe
Are tempered by sweet memory,
For striving sparked that inner glow
Of golden-aged serenity.

And as the dark, black dusk descends
Concealing day's last warmth and light,
Mankind's vast soul on Hashem depends
To nourish Faith throughout the night.

A soul ascends, from fetters freed!
A lifetime's hours in service spent.
Hashem's hidden light he soon will see
This pure reward for him was meant.

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