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The Black What?
by Pennee Lauders

Science is always coming up with the most amazing pieces of information. It seems that Hashem decides to grant the scientists a success or two on their way to proving that the Biblical blueprint is correct after all. They are all racing to figure out how the world began, is run, and will continue... before Moshiach arrives and takes the wind out of their sails.

There is one phenomenon in the heavens which can be readily found right here on earth. The black hole, that invisible, stealthy, gaping magnetic force which swallows all unfortunate matter in its vicinity. And the more it swallows, the more dense it becomes and the more magnetic force it develops! The scientists are at a loss to describe what happens to all of these objects once they enter into this negative space. Perhaps it is a corridor through which stellar garbage is recycled.

Maybe the city of Tel Aviv should investigate the possibility of engaging the same system. Perhaps they could airlift all of their disposables to the nearest stellar vacuum and do away with the need for mount-scaping! We could let that stinky old hill rest, plant a Keren Kayemet forest on it and some day let the young archeologists dig it up and have a field day!

Or perhaps the black hole is an incinerator neatly disguised which burns up stellar refuse and refuels the sun through the use of an invisible pumping system...

Why would Hashem need to create such a dark and unfriendly environment in His universe anyway? Perhaps the black hole, the magnetic force which crushes and destroys, is really Gehinnom! Isn't one of the dangerous things about the street- world the fact that it attracts? Well, the scientists have told us that the black hole attracts and swallows everything in its neighborhood. Sounds familiar? So once the poor unsuspecting soul is attracted and pulled into the wrong surroundings, it disappears for a while and... comes out on the other end, freshly designed, clean and deodorized, depersonalized and labeled with a new assignment for its next gilgul!

Let's return to reality. Seriously, as I said, I have discovered that black holes exist here on the planet Earth and we all come into contact with them. I was lured into the clutches of one myself, but I'm very careful to hold it at arm's length. When my second-hand bag (what else can you call your daughter's year-old schoolbag, which she insists on replacing just because the color is faded and the chartreuse zipper you so lovingly installed when the original wine- colored one split, doesn't match?) gave up its spirit, I was forced to look for something modern, light and practical. I took to it immediately but I was taken, too!

It pretends to be harmlessly helpful. One simply tosses all the paraphernalia of which one intends to avail oneself while on the go, towards its wide, gaping emptiness and it swallows more and more, getting denser. Then when you need something especially direly, it can't be found! It has disappeared! Well, at least you can rest assured that it is in the black hole, safely stored.

Last week I did a fabulous acrobatic performance, for standing room only, in the front of a city bus. While balancing four limbs and one black hole, I tried to extract a bus ticket without landing on my newly coifed sheitel, all the while smiling and gracefully allowing subsequently boarding passengers a passage to the back of the bus. In the end, I decided to wrangle with my wallet instead and bought a new ticket.

Just remember one simple rule: the black hole swallows everything but is reluctant to relinquish anything! I wrestled with it for a quarter of an hour when I got home and finally found the old ticket, of course! It came out duly transformed, spindled and mutilated, ready for another gilgul, perhaps for a collection of black-holed, post- mortum Egged bus tickets.


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