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Rebbetzin Chaya Tsirel Hagar o"h of Seret-Vizhnitz in Haifa
by Y. Ariel

A heavy pall of mourning fell over Kiryat Ramat Vishnitz and Haifa residents, along with those close to the Seret-Vishnitz chassidim at the bitter news of the petiroh of the righteous Rebbetzin Chaya Tsirel Hagar, o"h. The Rebbetzin returned her pure soul to its Maker on Shabbos night, 20 Elul.

The levaya left on motzei Shabbos from the courtyard in front of the Beis Medrash Hagodol in Ramat Vishnitz. Headed by the Admor of Seret-Vishnitz and attended by roshei yeshiva, admorim, rabbonim, dayanim and thousands of local residents. The levaya left for the Beis Hachaim cemetery in Zichron Mayer where the rebbetzin was buried near the Seret-Vishnitz ohel. Thousands participated in the levaya in Bnei Brak.

The rebbetzin, o"h, was born on the last day of Pesach, 5693 (1933), in the city of Sechen-Hermstat. She was the daughter of the famous HaRav Sholom Ozer Braun and the granddaughter of those who fought Hashem's battles with great mesirus nefesh in Transylvania-Romania.

Since the petiroh of the Admor, her father-in-law the Mekor Boruch of Seret-Vishnitz, she made extra efforts to assist her husband, the current Admor, in leading the flock and the many illustrious chassidishe institutions in Haifa and throughout the world. The Rebbetzin headed the Toras Imecho school for girls that is part of the Seret-Vishnitz institutions in Haifa. She also headed the Neshei Seret- Vishnitz organization, and played a central role in its many blessed activities.

Those who knew the Rebbetzin personally note her nobility and refinement, and relate that she was an eishes chayil who visited and strengthened the women of the chassidic community, both during times of simcha and times of hardship.

She was a model of tsnius and simplicity, and was known for the warm manner in which she received everyone. The right words were always on her lips: be they words of encouragement or consolation. Many consulted her and sought her brochos, and she had a special grace for which she merited to be considered an isho yiras Hashem hi tishalol and to be esteemed by all.

She collapsed suddenly three months ago while in Tzfas and never regained consciousness. Throughout the period of her hospitalization, prayers and Tehillim for her recovery were recited all over the world in Seret-Vishnitz institutions. Special minyanim were also held beside the Kosel and graves of tzaddikim. Last week, her situation deteriorated, and it was learned that she was suffering from a very serious illness.

She was nifteroh on Shabbos kodesh parshas Ki Sovo, with her husband, the Admor; her son, the av beis din; her sons-in-law, HaRav Naftoli Reuven Kornreich, rav of the Tel Tzion neighborhood in Jerusalem; and HaRav Aharon Tuvia Shpitz, rav of the Kehal Chassidei Vishnitz in Boro Park, as well as grandchildren and great-grandchildren at her bedside. As they recited Shema Yisroel, she returned her pure soul to its Maker.


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