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Rosh Hashona in New York
Translated from the Hebrew
Anashim Achim by A. Harel

The interior of the car was sweltering.

"September this year is hotter than usual, and you sit there cooped up in a closed metal box, motorized, for... say... about sixteen hours a day. Whew! Hmmm? What's that? What did you say, Mister?"

Checking the Rosh Hashonoh Simonim
by D. Plaut

When I lived in America, the only simonim we ate on leil Rosh Hashonoh were pomegranate, fish head, and apple with honey. Here in Eretz Yisroel, I became acquainted with several additional simonim, most of which need to be checked for bugs. Some are even muchzak betola'im. It's certainly not a good siman to eat insects on Rosh Hashonoh!

Built-In Obsolescence

by R' Zvi Zobin

Shoshy looked at her new dress with pride. She pointed to the narrow ruffle on the hem. "It looks so nice, doesn't it, Ima?"

"She Looked Through the Window and She Wailed"
by R' Arye Geffen

Two mothers, worlds apart, are a significant part of the prayers of the Yomim Noroim. They are Rochel Imenu and the mother of Sisro. Thousands of years have gone by, but what we are told about their conduct still guides us nowadays.

Service of the Heart
A Piece about Prayer from the Heart

Excerpted from the Hebrew Rak Belachash
by Chavi Rosenberg

Background: There is only one person in the world who knows the secret of Miri Rosen, a fourteen-year-old orphan studying in a chareidi boarding school in Paris. Miri cannot read. Marcelle, her sewing teacher, is determined to teach her, to overcome the block, but admits she has failed. Suddenly, she tackles the problem from a different angle.

Think Positive
by Rosally Saltsman

After years of working on purifying my speech, I've decided to concentrate on purifying my thoughts. This occurred to me when I wasn't feeling well, actually, physically, after having lost my temper, patience and aforementioned pure speech and I began to feel like my resistance was low. Not wanting to have to become bedridden, I decided to keep my resistance high by not sinking into negative thinking which would certainly make me feel worse.

Reminiscing About the Yom Kippur War
by Sudy Rosengarten

It is that time of the year, again, and my mind goes back to a war, soon after our family settled in Israel.

Yom Kippur.

Silent Whispers
by Sheila Seigal

It is Friday night, after licht benschen. I walk several blocks to Kazincy utca, to the big shul in Budapest. During the week, only a small side room is used for davening, but on Shabbos the main shul is opened. It has recently been renovated, thanks to generous donations. Repairs are still ongoing, since much of the building was damaged during the war years.

Rosh Hashona Rumors
a story by Shira Shatzberg

"Babushka!" I called out loudly as I burst into my grandmother's small third floor apartment. "I need your help writing a story. Are you busy right now?"

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

What does a pediatric endocrinologist do? Well, first we should ask what an endocrinologist does. They deal with hormonal problems in the body. One major hormonal problem in adults is thyroid disease, but this is rare in children.

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