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Crowning the World With Glory

The ad in Yated piqued my interest. I peered more closely at it. It said that it was a free home-study program on the work Oz V'Hadar Levusha -- Modesty, An Adornment for Life and that two short assignments would be given monthly, followed by a quiz. A gift would be awarded to one lucky winner every month.

What is Best for Shimshi?

by R' Zvi Zobin

The doctor finished examining little Chaim, wrote out a prescription and then turned to Chaim's mother. "You are looking pale, Mrs. Reuben. Are you feeling alright?" he asked.

Behind the Dentist's Chair
by M. Steinberg

"Young people: Take note! You are being appraised at all times. Actually, we should all take note. The people we come in contact with in the course of the day are all potential relatives, future friends and neighbors..."

by Shifra Bergman

What is it that Pirkei Ovos says, again, about good neighbors and good friends, bad neighbors and bad influences? You'd better believe it!


Dear Editor,

After reading "A Kosher Yid" by Chava Dumas, I thought it was interesting that in a previous article she suggested growing "carrot trees" because they sprouted faster than avocado pits. So why not teach children patience by waiting to see how long it actually takes until an avocado sends forth its first shoot? You can put a small sticker on the potš designating when it was planted.

A Change of Nature

Many are the miracle stories revolving around the Tomb of R' Shimon bar Yochai in Meron. The practice of distributing "Chai Rotl" wine on Lag B'Omer for a personal yeshua -- for shidduchim, children, parnossa etc. -- has already become institutionalized, and the giver need only send his check to have it done for him.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

I hear from the USA about dissatisfaction with medical care over there. The state of Pennsylvania has no malpractice reform, and since the average physician in that state is sued once or twice a year, the insurance companies are pulling out and the good physicians as well. Patients complain about long lines to do unnecessary tests which are ordered just so you won't sue your doctor.

Poet's Corner

My Computer
by Shifra Yisraeli

I'm unhemming my son's trousers when I realize belatedly
The cuffs are far too long now -- I should have let them be,
I think with quiet longing of my computer, staid and true,
Who with Ctrl + Z could've saved a hem anew.

The next day finds me scrubbing a shirt's orange marker stains,
But a tired, sallow yellow is the result of all my pains,
With a twang I remember `Photoshop' and all its smart delights,
A gentle click on Rubber Stamp would've rendered stain pure white.

Hours of searching for pacifiers, and house keys left behind,
Could be avoided effortlessly with blessed Ctrl + Find,
Not to mention Find and Replace for the perpetual chime
Of "He took my pen! Give it back!" "No way, 'coz he took mine!"

The cookbook's glossy pages boasting seven-layer cakes
Glare rudely at me in defiance, daring me to bake,
But I dismally doubt I could succeed to produce gourmet gateaux
Unless, of course, I scanned them through my archaic oven door.

My kitchen's flying -- Thursday night -- with dishes to my ear,
I wistfully wish I could hit Delete -- the mess would disappear.
The playroom reveals a similar state, without an inch of space.
If I could click Sort and Ascend -- those toys would march to place.

Is it any wonder, then, that I'm hooked to screen and mouse?
And that I prefer it any day to housework 'round the house?

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