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Dedication of Renovated Makva Beis Medrash in Sivan
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The renovated beis medrash of Makva, in the south of Hungary, will be rededicated in a special ceremony next month. It was once the beis medrash of the Ohel Moshe, HaRav Moshe Vorhand, zt"l, and the Ateres Moshe, Rav Moshe Nosson Lemberger zt"l. The ceremony will be attended by Makva chassidim and former residents of the city who, led by the current Admor of Makva, will arrive from all over the world.

Ten years ago with the collapse of the Iron Curtain in East Europe, Makva's Worldwide Committee began to negotiate with the Hungarian authorities regarding returning the old Makva beis medrash, built approximately 130 years ago, to the Makva kehilla.

After extensive efforts of the Committee, the Hungarian government decided to designate the shul a "preserved historical site." In recent years, renovation and restoration of the shul and all of its wings, has been taking place. A gala chanukas habayis for the beis medrash will take place on Tuesday the 17th of Sivan (28.5.02), the Admor's yahrtzeit, to mark the completion of this work.

The beis medrash was once a large mokom Torah housing famous yeshiva. Based on the approach of the Chasam Sofer to Torah study and founded by the Ohel Moshe, hundreds of students studied there daily.

Former residents of the city and students of the Ohel Moshe still recall the blessing he gave them prior to the outbreak of the Holocaust. Two weeks before he parted from them, he promised that no harm would befall whoever continued to pursue Torah's paths in the traditional manner. His blessing was fulfilled and most of those he blessed were saved from the Nazis.

The dedication of the new ohel over the grave of the Ohel Moshe, will also take place on the 17th of Sivan. The construction of the ohel began this year, and is expected to be completed in time for the yahrtzeit. The new facility will benefit those who visit the grave throughout the year.

The grave of the Ohel Moshe is known as a place of segulah and yeshu'oh for those who visit it. In his last will and testament, the Ohel Moshe said: "I will surely help whoever comes to my grave and sheds tears, expressing his desire to do teshuva. I promise that whoever assists in the tikkun of my neshomoh, even if he isn't my student -- how much more so if he is my student -- won't depart from this world without doing teshuva sheleimoh."

The worldwide committee of Makva is organizing a large and very special trip to Hungary, as well as an exciting series of events which will begin on the day of the yahrtzeit. Registration is currently underway for the trip. This registration will take place in all Makva centers in Brooklyn, London, Antwerp and Israel.

In light of the security situation in the Middle East and Europe, the heads of the Worldwide Committee made special arrangements with the Police Chief of Makva, to take steps including posting special guards at the beis medrash, the hotel and the cemetery during all of the events, and to safeguard all the visitors.

Special, low-priced charter flights to kivrei avos all over Hungary have been reserved by the committee. They will leave from the United States, Europe and Israel.


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