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Chareidi Candidates Sweep Har Nof Elections
by Betzalel Kahn

All of the chareidi candidates on the ballot won seats on the neighborhood council of Jerusalem's Har Nof neighborhood in last week's elections there.

Rabbi Aryeh Fuchsbrumer was elected chairman with a large majority. He received 2,219 votes, representing 65 percent of all voters. All six council candidates--Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Shpitzer, Rabbi Nosson Cohen, Rabbi Ephraim Weingot, Rabbi Yaakov Wertheimer, Rabbi Yosef Kreindler and Rabbi Eliezer Rauchberger--posted impressive results, winning with respectable margins of victory.

In addition to the six chareidi candidates, three candidates associated with Mafdal and one from Shas were also elected to the council. These sweeping results give the directorate a decisive chareidi majority and represent a significant increase compared to the outgoing directorate.

Over 80 percent of Har Nof's chareidi residents went to the polls, responding to voter turnout calls issued by gedolei hador and neighborhood rabbonim. They followed special directives to vote for particular candidates based on a division of the neighborhood according to street and area, thereby ensuring the election of all six chareidi representatives.

Due to the large turnout election officials were forced to set up additional voting booths in the course of the day in order to reduce the long lines outside polling places. Towards evening more voters flocked to the polls, requiring some to wait long periods in line to exercise their right to vote.

Although the polls closed at 10:00 p.m. in accordance with voting regulations, in some cases those who arrived before closing time did not get to cast their votes until as late as 11:00. The vote count lasted until 4:00 am.

At the chareidi candidates' headquarters, candidates and supporters waiting anxiously for the announcement of the final results, receiving encouraging interim reports that leaked out of the counting hall throughout the night.

Jerusalem's chareidi sector and Har Nof residents in particular were very pleased with the election results and offered the candidates blessings of success in working faithfully to promote their constituents' spiritual and physical needs.


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