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Rebbitzen Michal Mor Hy"d
by Aryeh Zisman

The Torah community of Rechasim was shocked on 12 Kislev to learn of the murder of the ishoh hatzidkonis Michal Mor Hy"d by Arab terrorists.

According to reports from the site of the attack, Michal arrived near Afula's central bus station in order to pick up a friend. When the terrorists began shooting, Michal tried to flee, but was nonetheless hit by bullets. She was mortally wounded and passed away a short while afterward in the Ha'Emek Hospital in Afula.

This news spread rapidly to Rechasim where she lived, and sent shock waves throughout the entire settlement. The Mor family moved to Rechasim a number of years ago and Michal's husband, Rav Avsholom, is one of the finest avreichim of the kollel of the Knesses Chizkiyahu yeshiva.

Michal's friends noted her outstanding dedication to her husband's Torah study, and her special middos, particularly her kindness, intelligence ,deep emunah and pensive nature. They also said that she excelled in her kibbud av vo'eim.

Her father, yibodel lechaim arukim, HaRav Asher Gabbai, rov of the Gilboa settlements, was a prominent member of Tzierei Agudas Yisroel. Many years ago, Maran HaRav Elozor Menachem Shach zt"l sent him to Afula to strengthen Torah there. HaRav Gabbai established all of the city's Torah and religious institutions. He also gave his children a Torah- true chinuch.

Michal directed the chareidi kindergarten network in Afula and was highly praised for her dedicated work. She moved to Rechasim with her husband, and having beforehand in Chadera and Kiryat Sefer. She has three children, Avital, who is four- and-a-half, Elchanan who is a year-and-a half and a four month old baby.

Rav Avshalom is one of the close students of the rosh yeshiva of Knesses Chizkiyahu, HaRav Dovid Man, and is considered the kollel's life force due to his unique rischa de'Oraisa. As a youth, he studied in Or Baruch and then in Beer HaTorah. His wife helped him to progress in his Torah studies and took pride in the fact that he is a genuine ben Torah.

As soon as the news of her murder was released, the local council of Rechasim and the Chaye Torah community organized busses to the levaya. She was buried in the Afula cemetery on Tuesday night (13 Kislev) in the presence of a large and weeping crowd.


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