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Sydney to get an Eruv
by Y. Frommer

An eruv for Sydney is soon to become a reality. After the visit of one of the world's leading authorities on eruvin, Rabbi Shimon Eider of Lakewood, the completion of the eruv is coming near. The eruv is expected to become operational a few weeks after Pesach, when Sydney will join Melbourne as the second city in Australia to have an eruv.

The pamphlet explaining various aspect of the new eruv notes that "there are well over 200 eruvim in Jewish communities all around the world, and many more in Israel. Almost every major city has an Eruv."

The 26 kilometer long eruv has poles and cables (for tzuras hapesach) along less than half of its length. The other more than 50 percent is made up of walls and fences and includes also cliff fences which extend for 6-7 kilometers along the South Head Pennisula. This means, as Rabbi Eider says in his letter about the eruv, "that it can be regarded as a majority of partitions (mechiztas) therefore alleviating any concerns by the Sephardi community who should be able to use it," as well as others who are concerned with the position of the Rambam. Rabbi Eider said the Sydney eruv is "one of the largest and most beautiful Eruvim in the world."

A major difficulity was a break along Bondi Beach between two cliffs. A solution was found to establish a fence around the beach at a cost of $120,000. When permission was sought in the local council they were only too happy to agree. The eruv committee waited until after the Sydney Olympics to build the steel fence which extends a kilometer along the beach front. The steel for the fencing was sold at cost to the eruv by Joe Sragossi of G. James Glass and Alminium in Brisbane.

The Eruv Committee has an agreement with Optus Cable TV network to put up wires on the poles they rent from the Energy Department.

Rabbi Eider has paid two visits to Sydney to advise and see to the implementation of the eruv. As part of his inspection, Rabbi Eider was even taken by boat to examine the cliffs and the issues of tel hamislaket and the cliff overhang. Befor the eruv becomes operational Rabbi Eider has asked for three continuous weeks of no breakage. He also cautioned "Learned and G'd Fearing inspectors (mashgichim) must inspect the Eruv before every Shabbos. One should never assume that the Eruv is operational without first checking." The ERUV INFOLINE (for when it becomes operational) is: 9990 4982.

The eruv will be administered by the local rabbbinate with the eruv being specifically overseen by Rabbi Osher Reich, the rav of Adass Yisroel Shule, and Rabbi Moshe Gutnick of Mizrachi.

The eruv extends from Vacluse to Moriah College in the South and from the East Coast to Bondi Junction.

Rabbi Osher Reich rented the area from the head of the police in the area, as the police are considered to have a right of entry into people's houses.


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