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Bones Buried in Haifa at a Massive Levaya

by Aryeh Zisman

A massive his'orerus and prayer rally, as well as the levaya of the bones of our ancients, was held on Tuesday (4 Adar) in Haifa. At this levaya, the participants requested the forgiveness of the deceased for the terrible desecration to their graves and their bones, as well as for the disgracing and destruction of the burial caves which occurred. At the rally and levaya, gedolei haTorah and roshei yeshiva from all circles of the city of Haifa, as well as the political representatives who played a vital role in the uncompromising struggle against the desecration of the graves, spoke.

Last week, the work on the Yaffo Bypass road ended. A review of what occurred throughout the work on the project revealed that some of the burial caves were desecrated and robbed, while others were saved due to the efforts of UTJ's representatives in the Haifa municipality, as well as efforts the Federation for the Prevention of Desecration to Graves and the rabbonim of Haifa who, with their guidelines, were involved in the entire battle from beginning to end.

These past few days, avreichim continued to place the desecrated bones in special bags, in order to bring them to an orderly burial in the old cemetery in Haifa. Rav Avdimi Demin Chaifa is buried in that cemetery, as are bones which were desecrated in previous excavations and brought to burial two weeks ago

The bones which were currently desecrated are from the period of the Amoro'im and the Rishonim, Baalei Hatosfos. The Haifa community holds the mayor, Amram Mitzna, and the Yefeh Nof company responsible for enabling the archaeologists of the Antiquities Authority to conduct "rescue" excavations on the site, while desecrating the bones of the deceased -- smashing and crushing them in the process.

The rabbonim of Haifa are making every possible effort to prevent additional damage to bones. On their instructions, the bones were placed in bags, and on Tuesday, at 2:00 in the afternoon, they were brought to burial in the nearby cemetery. Prior to the levaya, a protest and his'orerus rally was held on 136 Yaffo Street in the square near the site of the desecration. Gedolei Yisroel and the rabbonim of Haifa participated in the rally.


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