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Rabbi Yonason Abraham of Australia to Become Dayan in London
by the Australian Yated correspondent

Rabbi Yonason Abraham, a native of England currently in Australia, is set to become a dayan on the London Beis Din.

He will be leaving his present position on November as rav of one of the largest shuls in Australia, the Caulfield Shule.

Rabbi Yonason Abraham, who is only 37 years old, has made a great impression and impact on the Melbourne Jewish Community. He studied in the famed yeshivos of Gateshead and Lakewood.

He originally came to Melbourne with the Mashgiach of Lakewood, HaRav Nosson Wachtfogel zt"l who was then trying to establish a yeshiva in the city. He later married Melbournite Bella Koppel and stayed to learn many years with hasmodoh rabbah in Kollel Beis Hatalmud (The Lakewood Kollel) under the guidance and direction of the roshei hakollel, Rabbi Wurtzburger and Rabbi Nojowitz.

Already as a kollel yungerman he had a strong influence over his talmidim and was a sought-after speaker. Seven years ago Caulfield Shule appointed him as their rav and his lively personality, stamina and inspiring speeches attracted many people to his shiurim and functions.

He later joined the Melbourne Beis Din and soon took charge, together with other rabbonim, of the Melbourne Eruv. He was also consulted and recently helped the Sydney community to set up its own eruv.

A few years ago Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu asked Rabbi Abraham to help look after the kashrus issues of the London Beis Din in Australia. His hechsher certifies the Carmel wines made in Australia.

As a popular, friendly and understanding person he has been able to move as easily in secular circles as in chareidi circles. He has contributed many articles to local Torah journals as well as to local newspapers.

After consulting gedolei hador he is now ready to embark on a new phase and raise the Torah banner aloft in the English Jewish Community.


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