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Identifying Burn-Out
by R' Zvi Zobin

Question: What can you advise about young men and boys who feel `burnt-out'? How can they relax and then revive their interest in learning? Some seem to get `mono' after their wedding and variations of `burn-out.' Do you have any ideas?

The Smell of Cholent
by Menucha Levin

Aleksandra was a twenty-two-year-old Polish girl who came to clean Sima Berman's large suburban house every Friday. Efficient and a hard worker, she managed to get through her chores quickly. She always left before the time Shabbos started, but on this particularly cold February day, it began to snow right after Aleksandra arrived.

Post Holocaust Memories

by Anna Rephun Fruchter

Jersey City, New Jersey, a bleak factory town. We moved there in 1938 because that's where the parnossa was. Hardly anyone would have chosen to live in this city for any other reason. For six days a week, countless smoke-stacks emitted black smoke, effectively hiding the blue sky. Most of the residents were Polish and Italian immigrants. The city abounded in bars and liquor stores.

Summer Camp: A Growing Experience
by Moshe Rockove

Shavuos has passed and everybody's attention turns to the upcoming summer months. The children are busy putting on the finishing touches on the long school year with finals and graduation. After those hectic days come to an end, the ten- week summer vacation begins. Most children look forward to the days (and weeks) of no homework, tests, and other classroom assignments with eager anticipation.

If I Am Not I
by Bruchy Laufer

Zahava closed the book deliberately and let out a deep satisfied sigh. She had just finished reading a most inspiring tale of great people and wished to emulate them for the perfect marriage.

Just Wait Till Daddy Comes Home...
by A. Ross

Although there are hundreds of families nowadays where fathers and mothers reverse roles or apportion household duties equally, in many families the traditional roles of the husband going out to work or learn, and the wife assuming the responsibility of mother and homemaker, are still extant. Even if the mother also has a part time or even full time job, it is she who runs the house.

Lag B'Omer Revisited -
From Pupa to Pupil

by Miriam Luxemberg

Some three-year-olds have their first haircut amidst the fanfare of Lag B'Omer. Others don't. Either way, any time, it is a momentous event in a child's -- and mother's -- life.

Guard Your Tongue - Guard Your Life

A true story of how studying two halochos a day saved an entire family.

It was a cold winter night; the sky was overcast with thick clouds. Rain fell silently, refreshing Hashem's world. The clock read half past one a.m. We were sitting in a minibus, our family and few children from our mechutan's family, twenty people altogether.

For the Love of Cooking
The Delights of Kosher Middle Eastern Cuisine for Novices and Gourmets

by Rae Dayan
Reviewed by Linda Dayan

"My greatest desire is to teach others that through the care and love that a woman puts into her meals, her table becomes the heart of the home, from which all those around it derive warmth and pleasure. I gain great satisfaction from teaching the energetic generation, who are just starting families, that cooking and serving can bring close ties among all family members." (Excerpt from "For the Love of Cooking.")

Don't Cool Burns With Water

To the Editor:

Your publishing of an article on the treatment of burns contained a number of dangerous inaccuracies.

Poet's Corner
Taking Time Out to Feel Alive
by Tova Goodman

Across the open porch four floors high,
Just a handsbreadth from the bright blue sky,
A peaceful scene removed from bustling Jerusalem below,
Stop and enjoy the beauty as life continues to flow.

Ebony black olives peeping between narrow green leaves,
Swaying gently with the treetops in the welcome breeze,
Sandcolored stone facades as far as the eye can behold,
Reflecting the bright rays of sunshine in a shimmer of gold.

Distant sounds of playful laughter amidst a teacher's call,
The purring of traffic broken by a siren wail's rise and fall,
The cooing of turtledoves as they strut stiffly around,
And the clanging of trash cans as they fall to the ground.

Blossoming summer fruit adding fragrance to the air,
Lemon, esrog, peach, plum and pear,
Oriental cooking -- a passing pungent whiff,
Falafel, chips, humous and pilpel chariff.

Constantly occupied with life's daily chores,
No time to stop, to sit back and pause,
Take in the surroundings and see what life reveals,
Savor, appreciate all the miracles that this world conceals.

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