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With One Heart
by Bruchy Laufer

Considering the circumference of this planet Earth, each of us agree that it must have been more than mere coincidence that made Rivky Perfectstein and Henny Amerifeld next door neighbors. Both had come to Israel shortly after Succos and were busy unpacking their belongings before they got a good look at one other.

Going to Work
by Shira Levy

I hurt my neck. The muscle was so stiff that it hurt to turn my head. But I didn't utter one complaint as I got the six little ones onto their respective school buses. Once home, I stretched my neck to the far right and grimaced. I had so much to do! Would I be able to get it all done today?

Writing Friends -- or -- Two Characters in Search of Characters
by Sheina Yeheskal, Tzefas

Writing is great. You don't need special equipment such as a five foot harp or scuba gear. The materials are cheap, always available, and easy to store, unlike jig saws, dye vats or looms the size of the average Israeli living room. Plus, being a writer gets you special advantages, like having writing friends.

Parental Involvement in Sibling Conflict
by Masha Wolf, M.A. Child Therapist

Sibling rivalry and conflict, read: fighting, is an ongoing problem for parents. Some siblings seem to fight constantly and over almost everything. Siblings fight for technical reasons like living in close quarters; they fight over material possessions and over physical, academic and emotional superiority, and they fight because of jealousy or resentment of the others' privileges and talents.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Know Your Enemy

Trauma, meaning physical injury, is the biggest killer of young people, and has become an epidemic. Trauma will almost always result in permanent scars, both physical and emotional, and often, because it causes many injuries at once, dangerous conditions can exist which escape our detection because so much is involved at once.

Shalmei Yonoson on Hilchos Muktza Including the Muktza Indexv
by Rabbi Yonoson Benzur
Reviewed by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Rabbi Yonoson Benzur's new sefer on hilchos muktza in Hebrew is a celebration for the Torah world. the sefer contains over twelve hundred pages in three volumes. The first two volumes are arranged based on the simanim of the Shulchan Oruch, from siman 308 through siman 312.

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