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Battle of the Spirit in Tzoran
by Chedva Ofek

Rikva A. and Rachel R., women employed in the secular workfield in top positions and formerly of the secular society of the settlement, Tzoran, tell of the spiritual upheaval in their lives, and of their struggle to establish a Chinuch Atzmai Torah school in their settlement. These are pioneer women who sent their children to a school which was comprised of a mere three students, and who stood staunchly against brutal secular resistance and fierce anti- chareidi opposition.

Yeshivas Mir: Hazricho beFaasei Kedem
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

A new book describing the history of the last years of the Mir Yeshiva in Europe has recently been published. The book describes the Mir's rabbonim, roshei yeshiva and mashgichim. It spans the period of the yeshiva's exile during both the First and Second World Wars, when it wandered to Vilna and later to Kaidan and other Lithuanian cities.

Why Is My Child Not Doing Well in School?
by A. Ross, M.A. in Speech, Expert in Remedial Reading

Children do not think about the way they speak. They can learn one or two and even three languages quickly and manage to use them more or less correctly in different situations. However, their needs are not very elaborate and they do not use a large vocabulary. Before the child starts school, parents are delighted with his verbal skills and appreciate the fact that he is intelligent.

Big Lessons From Little People

A few months ago, I got a job in the gan of my community. It has turned out to be a delightful experience. The part that I find most interesting is, of course, the kids and all the funny and smart things that they say and do. It is very gratifying, as well, to watch the shy child become more extroverted or another one learn to share graciously.

Of BUGs and WEBs

by Rosally Saltsman

I know that there's an inyan about getting rid of spider webs before Shabbos. Well, I can't do it. Not because of my usual lack of housekeeping priorities, but because spiders live there. I see an invisible sign that says, "Baby spiders on board."...

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Recently, the Israeli Association for Emergency Medicine elected me to its executive board. While this is a great honor, it increased my responsibilities, and as a result I reluctantly had to give my popular lecture series to the English-speaking ladies of Bnei Brak.

Poet's Corner
For the Fours

by M. Steinberg
It's been many years
Since I had a boy of four,
Whichever grandchild came to stay
Was a baby, or aged six or more.
This Shabbos brought a special treat
With Dovid'l an active guest,
Everybody went to shul
And Bubby sat down to rest.
"I need a drink and I want to eat,"
Said Dovid, as he pulled out the drawer,
I jumped up just in time to stop
The silverware landing on the floor.
"Don't go near the fire,
Yes, I know, the candles are burning bright,
NO! Don't blow them out!
We need the holy Shabbos light!"
"Bubby, can I have a banana?"
"But we're making Kiddush in a minute."
"Let me peel it how I like it."
Then he opened the garbage and threw it in it.
My shnitzel hammer fixed all the locks,
And my pastry brush painted all the walls,
But then he helped bring out the salads,
Carefully avoiding trips and falls.
Dinner and bedtime went off quite well,
And I looked forward to my Shabbos morning snooze,
Surprise at 5:15 a.m.
"Bubby, come and tie my shoes."
This is a good four-year-old,
Who knows how to sit in shul,
To be polite, and wash and bensh
And follow (almost) all the rules.
But after a Shabbos guest so young,
I'd like a Yasher Koach to dedicate,
To all those Moms with little boys
To chase - and mold - and try to educate.

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